@ThermiteBeGiants Text says:

Stop driving cars. Places were not supposed to be driven to. YEARS OF BUILDING CAR INFRASTUCTURE yet NO DECREASE IN OVERALL TRAVEL TIME Want to go somewhere fast? We have a vehicle for that: It’s called a “TRAIN” “i am DRIVING my ‘BMW Individual M760i ×Drive Model V12’ to the store to get my groceries for the next two WEEKS” - Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged. LOOK at what post-war Urbanists have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the budget and space we gave them. [Pictures of space-eating, environmentally intensive highway clover roads] (These are REAL roads designed by REAL urbanists) ????? “Hello i would like to live here [ picture of medium-sized car parking lot] please” They have played us for absolute fools

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