@futzle @ThermiteBeGiants

*Loosing my European shit* parrots! PARROTS!!! SO MANY WILD PARROTS!!!!!!

@s0 @ThermiteBeGiants I can't really tell them apart so all the rosellas in Halls Gap are named Skittles now. They all seem to treat me like a Disney princess though, it's amazing. One day I'll go up there and they'll bring me clothes and do my hair.

@s0 @ThermiteBeGiants I have sworn to use my magical powers only for the good of all, or attracting handsome princes.

@poebbel I’ll see what I can rustle up from the archive tonight

@poebbel grass and distant blue mountains, coming right up! I even found a couple of my shots with kangaroos in them. And more of old mate Brown Falcon

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