Steamrail Victoria finally managed to get steam loco K183 moved into their workshops for damage & restoration assessment, 18 years since it was put in mothballs by the insurers & VicTrack after it was involved in a fatal level crossing collision in Benalla that killed 3 crew.

Documentary review: Taste of Hope (2019) 

Documentary recently released on Means TV about the inner workings of SCOP-TI, a cooperative formed after workers successfully took over the Fralib tea factory in the south of France after Unilever announced that they were closing the plant.

- French workers loudly sipping tea
- Company meetings that sound like town hall meetings
- Long shots of packaging machinery at work that I could watch all day


Please, don't call me Clippy. I go by Cortana now.

Victorian COVID-19 Lockdown, The Sequel 

This lockdown is going to be really bad I reckon. Middle of winter will keep lots of people home and unwilling to get outdoors to exercise, plus all the bad family stuff that was bottled away during the first lockdown is going to resurface

Finally, the NSW Government regains a semblance of sanity and will not? sell off the Powerhouse Museum site and scatter its collection to the five winds (and a stupid new convention site pretending to be a museum on the Parramatta riverfront)

🎶 and it’s fun, fun, fun / until Daddy takes the hopeful security and illusion of future associated with youth away 🎶

“Good” “morning”, tooters. It is 0.1°C outside.

Two screen caps from the SMH illustrate the principle that there’s no such thing as a labour shortage, only employers who won’t pay a market-clearing wage

“Pre-Start Briefing - Short Form”
Document has 14 pages. Typical rail industry 🤣

Would you like to find out about S P A D T R A P S from an extremely 90s video by the notorious former UK privatised rail infrastructure operator Railtrack?
Yes, of course you do. Why did I even bother asking?

non-train-related youtube video recommendation 

Sotsgorod: A Brief Introduction to Soviet Urban Planning

Faced with the challenges of a post-WW2 population boom, resource constraints and cities desolated by Nazi Germany, the USSR pioneered modern high-density walkable "suburbs" (Mikroraion) that would be the envy of many Western urban planners today.

Along the way they also authentically rebuilt centuries-old urban centres, making them pioneer of historic preservation.

exciting train news 

The New South Wales Rail Museum in Thirlmere is opening up again from Sunday 5th July. That day will also feature the very-recently-restored steam locomotive 3801 in steam for its first public outing (not a train trip however as I understand it).


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