I came across some photos of a section car trip I piloted many years ago. It was an interesting change of pace but riding on the lightly laid, reasonably rough track out there in sections cars gets a bit old ofter the first hundred kilometres or so. This was taken at the Einasleigh river while waiting for everyone to catch up. #trains #railways

home brewing 

Now bottled and aging: “Railway Real Ale” (every brew gets a train-based name, no exceptions)

Quote of the year from this dude who is sick of people’s shit

Hey Everybody.

The Charity Stream-A-Thon I run has started at generozity.com.au/ or twitch.tv/GenerOZity

We’re running a 102 hour non-stop Twitch Stream to raise money for curecancer.com.au/!

Our last event raised $69,000 (nice) for Fire and Rescue and the show before that raised $40,000 for Cure Cancer last PAX…. Donations are appreciated and tax deductible! ;)

FYI: GenerOZity charity sends 100% of the money raised to our targets.

May all young Aussie swimmers
Be resigned to failure
May our nation state
Be always second rate

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled


TL;DR everything has a recycling triangle on it to make consumers feel better about buying plastics despite the fact that nobody has found a way to actually recycle the huge amount of plastic being disposed of through recycling bins and there was never any intent by Big Oil to actually invest in what would be their direct competition (recycled plastic rather than new plastic from petroleum products).

#Waste #Environment #Recycling #ClimateCrisis

pizza levels are currently severe

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Network Rail has released its ‘Traction Decarbonisation Network Strategy’ - a document that outlines how it will eliminate diesel trains from the UK rail network by replacing them with electric trains powered by overhead wire, third rail, batteries or hydrogen. It proposes to electrify an additional 13,000 Single Track Kilometres of the network. This will be a multi-decade programme and cost £36-47 billion including new trains.


big ol’ NBN whinge 

My NBN connection has been buggered for the last couple of days - almost every second packet is being dropped, basically making the connection useless. Suspect it’s the NTD but I can’t do a proper diagnosis on it. Called my RSP, support guy booked an NBNCo technician appointment for today - which NBNCo cancelled without warning. Great, I guess I’m on 4G until sometime next week :trashheap:

Consider that the plot of Frank Herbert's Dune, in which Jessica has a son instead of a daughter and sets the plot in motion, is the story of a colossal interplanetary war set off by a gender reveal

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