COVID-19; good old fashioned Australian racism 

documentary review: Crip Camp 

So I'm taking inventory of the home brewing setup and the empty glass bottles in the house and am now realising that I should've started planning for this about 6 months ago.
Oh well, I guess I'm moving over to Coopers Longnecks for a while

COVID-19 but good vibes 

More relaxing viewing: a 'cabride' tour of an overhead electrified garden tramway.
45mm gauge, 1:24 scale, 32VDC overhead electrification.

facebook link but it's 100% wholesome 

This is a constant inspiration to me. (image via Wikimedia commons)

A nice example of how we infer object position from what we presume to be a cast shadow

Is now, with unprecedented levels of unemployment and assistance seeking, a good time to talk about UBI? Would a payment to everyone across the board not simplify this crazy reliance on Centrelink?
Or is UBI still a dirty word not spoken in polite society?

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