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Firefox always has been and always will be the best browser

🇺🇸: museums of the people hold crystal flutes once owned by national founders, which are now played as part of the use of the collection, by classically trained pop stars

🇦🇺: where’d ya put the crystal flute mate

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Sorry, sorry
Don't be angry
I didn't mean to do it

Thinking about the old AdeLINK tram/light rail plan for Adelaide again 😔

#OtD 27 Sep 1928 two riots took place in Port Adelaide, Australia as 5,000 strikers and supporters besieged docks staffed by scabs. Workers used pipes, iron bars, sticks, stones and even baling hooks to attack the scabs at one dock.

#OtD 26 Sep 1950 a US naval ship sprayed Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria into the air two miles off the coast of San Francisco for six days as part of a secret experiment in biological warfare. Officials believe they exposed 800,000.

Ukraine has declared independence from Russia.
Armenia and Azerbaijan are engaging in a brutal war.
The English Pound has just had a sudden depreciation overnight in response to desperate Bank of England monetary policy.
A third wave of Ska music is starting to get airplay on the radio.

The year is 1992.

#OtD 25 Sep 1968 Seattle city council brought in a gun-control law at the behest of the Republican mayor to prevent self-defence patrols by the Black Panthers. Many gun-control laws were introduced around then with NRA support to disarm African-Americans.

Would you like to watch a ~30 minute cab-ride video of Deutsche Bahn's new Wendlingen–Ulm 250kph railway line while a very nice man explains to you in German (English-subtitled) all of the infrastructure that was built for it?

#OtD 22 Sep 1978 Ford workers in the UK sparked the "winter of discontent" when 15,000 of them walked out against a Labour govt-union pay cap. They stayed out till Nov, winning a 17% increase, and 1m other workers followed them.

4 day working week news 

“Almost nine in ten companies taking part in a groundbreaking trial of a four-day working week have said they are likely to extend the policy beyond the six-month test period…

More than 70 organisations, spanning a local fish and chip shop to larger companies in sectors including information technology, retail, construction, food and hospitality, signed up for the trial.”

Just listen and comply
No cops, no cops, no cops, no cops

But I'm not here to socialize
Gotta find a new place to hang out
'Cause I'm tired of living in Hell

Turns out that 2022 is the Year Of Linux On The Desktop after all: Due to sanctions, Russia is switching from Windows to Linux. The government wants to force domestic programmers to convert their software. But there are doubts: Many systems will have to be rebuilt from scratch, and there are few Linux experts around.

#OtD 20 Sep 1915 publications by the radical Industrial Workers of the World union,, including its Australian newspaper, Direct Action, were banned from being imported into Aotearoa (New Zealand) for its opposition to World War I. Read more:

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