I've got an idea for a paper that's kind of like this one:

📎 "Parsing JSON is a Minefield" by Nicolas Seriot seriot.ch/projects/parsing_jso

...borne out of my frequent disagreements with VLBI (radio interferometry) data coming from different networks (that blatantly do not follow the specs)...

📎 "VLBI Data Standards" by the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry vlbi.org/vlbi-standards/

...but also I'm pretty new to the domain and I'm kinda worried it might come off like "PhD Student Enters Astronomy And Immediately Becomes A Compliance Cop" 😬

A few months back CSIRO’s comms office asked me to do an interview for International Women’s Day, and because I work for Data61 (data science) but with S&A (space science), it disappeared into the pit of red tape.

I was worried my “fix the system, not the women” points were too snippy for their liking, but it turns out they just wanted to make sure my comments about space debris weren’t too doom and gloom. So it finally released yesterday, snippy-ness intact!

📎 algorithm.data61.csiro.au/spot

🌗 Luna
📍 Hobart, Tasmania
📸 Olympus OM-1
🔭 8.25” Celestron

There is some sort of tiny lady badass/survivor/security chief archetype happening in sci-fi right now and I have precisely zero complaints.

Ageing, feelings about ageing 

So I’m turning 29 in two days and ~I know~ that’s not old, but ~society and everything~ sometimes makes us feel feelings about getting older.**

But then I watch sci-fi and all I can see are 50, 60, and even 70 year old women kicking butt and taking names, and it makes me feel awesome. It makes me feel like 30 is just getting started.

Why isn’t all media more like this?

**I am hesitant to say “especially for women” but kinda especially for women, when others more often equate our worth with our attractiveness.

Toxic male behaviour 

Picture 1: oh hey cool, a little telescope.

📎 create.arduino.cc/projecthub/v

🧠: "I wonder if the creator has other cool projects?"

*goes to their website*

Picture 2: ...oh no

🧠: "maybe it's a joke?"

Reader: no it was not. I have maybe found The Worst Guy.

"A Miniature Radio Telescope In Every Backyard | Hackaday"

📎 hackaday.com/2019/10/22/a-mini

Ideas like this are great for those who live in the US or other places that have had ubiquitous satellite TV infra in the past. An old TV dish is half a right away.

Most houses I've lived in had only a basic antenna, but I asked around among my friends and two of them have come through.

It's time for ✨ Tiny Telescope! ✨


Woke up to find Paramount has released the opening sequence (sans credits) for SNW, and it's ~stunning~.

I've been so excited for an old-school TOS-style monster-of-the-week Trek. And it comes out the night before my birthday down here in Aus, so it feels like they've made this show just for me. 🖖

My skills may be stuck in the past, but I maintain that to make a truly accessible internet—in both the sense and also the ease of access sense—pure HTML+CSS websites should be the norm.

IMO Javascript should be for full-featured web apps, not for link hover effects and other normal stuff.

Case in point: my homepage across
1. a "normal" browser (Safari desktop)
2. a text-based browser (Lynx)
3. a hybrid terminal browser (Browsh, a headless Firefox wrapper for minimal data usage)

How many modern websites hold up to such a thing? 🤔

Quick : I'm Mars. You may know me from conferences, or as the wife of Paris Buttfield-Addison. Most people assume I work for Secret Lab (secretlab.games) with him, but I actually make software that runs on big radio telescopes!

They're kind of a nightmare but I'm deeply passionate about conservation and the complicated infrastructure needed to make it happen.

Mars Buttfield-Addison 🛰's choices:


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