A few months back CSIRO’s comms office asked me to do an interview for International Women’s Day, and because I work for Data61 (data science) but with S&A (space science), it disappeared into the pit of red tape.

I was worried my “fix the system, not the women” points were too snippy for their liking, but it turns out they just wanted to make sure my comments about space debris weren’t too doom and gloom. So it finally released yesterday, snippy-ness intact!


@TheMartianLife "I quickly become disillusioned by the tech start up fad of applying tech solutions ineffectively to human problems the team didn’t really understand."

Ahahaha oh man. So much this.

@virtualwolf @TheMartianLife “find those last holdouts with outdated views on what a technologist should look like and who are contributing to hostile workplace environments, and expel them from our midst.” :trebuchet: :airhorn: :all_the_things: :big_mood:

@TheMartianLife @virtualwolf I believe it will cost less energy to fling them out of the solar system but the sentiment is the same

@TheMartianLife pity they've spelled your name wrong, or at least differently to how it is here on mastodon

@TheMartianLife is only wrong on the screengrab & image description, blog is ok

@TheMartianLife i inherited my mother's proofraeding skills and it jumped out at me. Not the worlds most useful superpower

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