Quick : I'm Mars. You may know me from conferences, or as the wife of Paris Buttfield-Addison. Most people assume I work for Secret Lab ( with him, but I actually make software that runs on big radio telescopes!

They're kind of a nightmare but I'm deeply passionate about conservation and the complicated infrastructure needed to make it happen.

@TheMartianLife fuck yeah, radio is awesome and continues to fascinate me despite @Tarale's groans. ;)


@TheMartianLife Holy crap I think you win the "coolest introductions post" award!

@TheMartianLife Wow, it does sound like a nightmare, but also that's very cool ! Welcome here !

@TheMartianLife oh you sound so interesting!
My eldest son was always an avid space-watcher, & *very* interested in applying for space exploration, before he ended his own life in 2018. Obviously our family have continued interest in all things ‘outer space’, but especially as inveterate rubbish-reducers, we love the idea of space-conservation as an extension of earth-conservation [seems almost as tho if you can’t see it, it’s not a problem ie: oceanic pollution, Mt Everest waste, cosmos debris]
All best with your endeavours 😊

@TheMartianLife I did not know space conservation was a thing! Does it mean conserving the industry/radiowave-free zones that are important nowadays for space observation? Or is it actually at the level of "let's not go clomping our big feet on Mercury and digging holes in those asteroids"? ☄️

@badri well actually I meant conservation in the sense of mitigation of orbital debris to keep Earth orbit usable, but yes also those other things!

The first of your examples is usually referred to as DarkSky preservation, and the second kind of comes under the debate about colonialism in outer space.

@TheMartianLife ohh that space! Makes sense now; I didn't realise that was called "conservation" 😅

@TheMartianLife Welcooooome! So nice to see you here, I've been loving your LCA talks.

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