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I tried a new film and developer yesterday. Rollei RPX 400 film and R09 developer. I'm very, very happy with the results.

Crane at dock 2, in Port Adelaide.

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I popped down to Semaphore today to finish off a film. This was the film canister that popped open. So I was pretty lucky to have even this from it.

I'm not loving how my Epson scanner is handling less dense negatives. I might have to try it on the SLR scanner.

Fomapan 200 Creative
Olympus OM-1 with 25A filter.

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I bought a new calculator the other day. Nothing fancy - Casio fx-82AU Plus II. But it's about the size of my phone. So when it's on my desk it keeps grabbing my attention because it's a black rectangle that has stuff on it.

I should try to do something about my screen addiction.

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Q: Which member of the animal kingdom supports TCP?

A: The acks-a-lotl

Gah. Film canister came open when I got it out of the camera. I assume I've got a rooted film, but I'm developing it anyway.

I do like Devin refers to Strapping Young Lad as "almost unbearably heavy". It's true.

From a couple of years ago, and ***OMG*** a colour photograph.

Sunset over Adelaide on an oddly hazy/smoky day.

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I found an enlarger on Gumtree that might be of use for me - printing 6x6 would be awesome. At this stage they're only going to digital.

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I think I'm slowly getting my mojo back.

I've finally broken through whatever mental barrier I had in place when it came to developing film and printing photos.

These need to dry, then they're going out! :)

The remains of the pier at Port Willunga, close-ish to the wreck of the Star of Greece.

(ok - this is now my photo thread)

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Here's an ancient SAAB. I think it's a 96 (not the year). Iteresting factoid - these came with a 2-stroke engine. Because 2-strokes don't work well coasting (engines don't need fuel when coasting, which means a 2-stroke isn't getting any lubrication) it also had a free-wheel which would allow the engine to be at idle while coasting.

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