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My kids are bidding their friends farewell with "Stay fresh, cheese bags" and I've never been prouder.

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I buy a new female sheep on January 1 every year. It's like they say: new year, new ewe.

G'night Toots.

Let's have a better one tomorrow.

I think I've made this part too narrow for the home-brew scanner. Upside, is that I have a half decent looking frame I can put a picture in.

Omg, there's capture softare for my dSLR that will run on RPi.

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If you never played Transport Tycoon Deluxe, you missed the good ole 90s. Worry not, you can relive them with OpenTTD! This quintessential transport simulator has it all - planes, trains and automobiles.

snap install openttd-casept

@liamvhogan I've got the prints up above my computer and I just looked at them again and they are just gorgeous.

I propose we change the spelling to "toest".

Friend sent me this, as a suggestion for keeping the kids busy. They like puzzles.

@liamvhogan Wow. I just went to the PO Box. They are really special. Thank you.

Proof of concept film scanner. Need to attach the diffuser better, and hold the film better. seems to work.

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