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Traffic chaos in Funhall-on-sea!
Road rebuilding programme brings 6 months of misery to motorists!

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I will be spending less time working on pixelfed as I get back into freelancing/consulting.

If you are looking for a full stack developer, DM me!

G'night Toots,
I went for a decent walk today. It was my best part of today.

What was yours?

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I put a couple of Easter eggs in my coffee this morning.

It made a mochary of the drink.

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Lack of nearby trees causes Slodwood Bay forest to announce imminent closure!

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Citizens celebrate . . .
First ship arrives at Fort Drundville Bay

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It’s no secret that I like technology, and I do, if I’m going to be absolutely honest with myself (and what better a place for that than in a place where about 56.1% of the world’s population can read it), think that I’m quite good at it. Quite good at software, and also quite good at hardware. Last week I repaired a motherboard on a motion controller, and it booted right up after many hours with a soldering iron and replacing components. But I’m also tired. Maybe verging on exhausted. Tired of “instant”. I’m tired of the process of taking a photograph is see, snap, review (probably redo these three steps a few times), then post, hashtag. After that it’s largely forgotten, with the exception of collecting notifications from bots. This ties in with me dumping my Fitbit. Dumping Facebook. Dumping Instagram. So, what is my plan? My plan is to go analogue for photographs. Not exclusively, but significantly more than I have in the last…20 years. I bought my first digital SLR in 200…and…5…I think. Since then I’ve been chasing crisper, less noise, and faster. Better lenses. Better/bigger sensors. The last camera I bought was a Canon 5D, and I have used that camera extensively. But the trap of reviewing, even on the back of that crappy LCD on the back, gets me nearly every time. I don’t sit back and trust that I have done the right thing, trusted my gut and taken a passable photograph. So, now – to the plan. The plan is to not only start shooting film again, but I’m going to develop my own film, too. At this stage I’ll develop to film and probably scan the shots I want to do something with, but there’s nothing (except space in the laundry) that will prevent me from getting an enlarger, paper,some trays, some more chemicals, and printing my own. I asked my old photography teacher from high school if he had any developing tanks left, and not only did he have a Patterson tank, he also had a Minolta XG-1 with lenses and a flash that he wasn’t using any more. So I now own that, and I’m very pleased. I’ve bought some film, and have taken a few pictures. But I don’t know if they’re any good until I develop them, and today I organised the equipment I need for that, beyond […]

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Didn't buy C41 chems. Bought B&W chems, though, and will leave this colour film either for later when I have more experience, or when I can be bothered handing it in.

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