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Do you have a Pixelfed account? Let me know what it is so I can follow you. :)

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The existence of other people is really bothering me today

Do you use IRC?

Tonight I will be at a school demonstrating a portable scanning electron microscope for parents and students.

Need a cool sample to run. I'm thinking something everyone knows, like beach sand. Plenty of interesting stuff in beach sand.

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@shlee Does the [m] at the end of IRC nick in pixfed channel imply that you're an...admin of a instance?

@urbanfuzzy Can you please post a pic that isn't a reply to a thread?

Hey @koosli, @urbanfuzzy, @liamvhogan could one of you please post a photo to Mastodon? I want to see if it turns up in my @pixelfed stream. :)

Hi Toots who know things,

If you were going to run a page that was 99.9% web-shop and 0.1% blog (probably less), would you run it on WooCommerce under Wordpress or something else? Magento?

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Before you start your day, take a few moments to outline the 3 most important things you need to do.

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Does anyone know of a (curated) list of URLs of public EFA APIs (public transport)?

Do you know one for your own city maybe?

Please send them my way, I'm collecting them for an open-source project that lets you query public transport stops, timetables & routes:

#opendata #boostme

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Here's one that had low light according to the meter, but it looks just right to me

It's been weeks and they're still plinking next to me here. The crazing is...well...crazy.

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