So, time for an .

I'm Tara, or T. Living in Canberra but originally from NSW. Keen on birds, sci-fi/fantasy, plants, poetry, and a bunch of other stuff I am clearly blanking on now that I have to talk about myself.

I've heard about mastodon before but never tried it so keen to figure out how everything works.


@Tashbecause hullo and welcome to the Fediverse! Seems like you'll fit right in! :)

@Tashbecause hello! I’m also in Canberra (pinned intro in profile) and also like most of the things you listed (except plants - I am trying to not kill a small collection of indoor house plants at present but I have a poor track record).

@Tashbecause hi Tash, Do you like living in Canberra so far? I've been there for a couple of decades, so far so good :)

@martintheg yeah, been here for about 6 years and I do really like it. It's the biggest city I've ever lived in so my experience of the place is a bit different to my friends who have moved from Sydney or Melbourne haha. There's just so much to love about this place

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