Adorable Home, mild nudity 

My Adorable Home couple are taking a bath together and it really is soooo adorable!!!

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Have you seen fire flies in real life?
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Made scones this morning and remembering my Nan who always made the best scones.

Confession: I just can't handle watching videos of raccoons trying to wash fairy floss. It's too heartbreaking. I cannot deal.

I've picked some favourites! I really think I need to guy a copy of when it comes out

Also, my dining table is covered in books with intriguing titles now. I think I need to sleep on it and go through it all again tomorrow - clear eyes to pick out the best bits

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Just watched The Art Assignment's live stream and went bonkers for spine poetry! I have way too many to post, so I need to go through and pick some good ones.

Sure, it's only a token amount, but the symbolism is huge and I am really really chuffed

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Just got news that a tiny poem of mine has been accepted for publication - and I will get paid for it! This is the first time I've been paid for my poetry!

I just learnt about the Great Diary Project - how cool! It makes me want to try and write a diary again (though it is of course doomed to last for only two weeks before I forget to write in it)

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Coronavirus, casual factory workers, advice requested 

The company where I work has casual factory workers. Looking for other Australian businesses in manufacturing for how they are supporting casual workers who are having to self-isolate. Any leads? Please boost.

This is yet another example of how cool and hip with the kids I am - I feel very much like a school kid willing their body to look sick enough to avoid going to class.

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The spouse has caught some hideous cold, but I'm actually kind of excited about having to take some sick leave when I inevitably catch it.

So, time for an .

I'm Tara, or T. Living in Canberra but originally from NSW. Keen on birds, sci-fi/fantasy, plants, poetry, and a bunch of other stuff I am clearly blanking on now that I have to talk about myself.

I've heard about mastodon before but never tried it so keen to figure out how everything works.



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