Request for help for @Posty:

Please send me links to silly, possibly pop-culture related colouring pages for adults that I can print on our home laser printer.

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@Posty I have made him the most magnificent colouring pages consisting of "is this a pigeon?" and shinji and the NO FUN ALLOWED robot as he seems well enough to have a sense of humor again

i hope

Hey @Algot, sorry to tag you in directly, but you do a lot of clipart and so on. Do you have any good leads on this? @Tarale

@Tarale @Posty

I saw that @RussSharek and @avalon have made available a colouring page, free of charge, at their website:

As you may realise, they are professional clowns.

@purserj @Posty he might enjoy some of those?

If I had more time, I'd make ones of iconic movie scenes he likes.

The Dude making a White Russian.

Jules and Vincent with their guns drawn, or Vincent and Mia dancing

Dr David Bowman in the octagonal hallway

Marty and Doc Brown with the remote control and their stunned faces

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