Doing another to pin as some things have changed.

I'm Taryn, I live in Adelaide, and I'm a stay-at-home mum with a toddler. I'm very tired.

When I get time, I like to draw cartoonish pictures with semi-realistic features. I also like to make things. Sometimes I like to play games.

I'm cis, probably ace, and recently diagnosed with ADHD and autism. She/her, I guess.

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@TechnicalKO I am never quite sure about it though. It's a confusing thing to be.

@Tarale Feel free to switch to Signal, but what does it imply?

@TechnicalKO Little to no sexual attraction. Part of what has made things confusing is that I definitely experience other types of attraction.

@Tarale Hello, Tarale! Love that you're into drawing! It's an amazing skill to have! Gaming too, huh? I play a few games myself... What do you play?

@resynth1943 At the moment, mostly Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing and other quiet little games like that. They are good for the toddler to "play along with" (boss me around) and they are very forgiving if you have to just stop because toddler.

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