Just in time for I finished the boy's bee life cycle. No egg yet (I also strongly suspect he'd lose it) but a sleepy larva and pupa and a round bee. He's putting them in "bee hotel tubes" (cups). 🐝

@virtualwolf I suspect I may need to make a bee hotel next but I am not sure how or if I have the energy for all of that. He's having lots of fun putting them in cups.

@Andrea @virtualwolf I've been considering that, although I think right now I need a break between crafting. It's hell on my back.

@Tarale these are some amazing things here. Very well done! Very cute!

@twiddlekins Thank you! The little guy is quite charmed and enjoying putting them into cups. But I think he wants a bee hotel and ugh I'm tired

@Tarale @twiddlekins If he were given a selection of cardboard tubes and boxes he could construct his very own? It might be quite fun and keep him busy for quite a while, all he needs to do is fit them into a larger empty box like tetris. And he'll learn stuff about shapes and sizes while he's doing it.

@emmadavidson @twiddlekins Can I buy individual cardboard tubes somewhere? They are too big for toilet rolls and paper towel rolls, which I have. They need something more the size of a mug opening, which is why he's been using his plastic cups.

@twiddlekins @Tarale Yep check the recycling skip outside an office for postpak tubes. or just give him the plastic mugs along with all the other tubes and boxes. It doesn't have to resemble a wooden bee hotel too closely, just lots of little gaps he can make and remake til he has made his architectural masterpiece.

@twiddlekins @emmadavidson I could. Although he is having plenty of fun with the cups so maybe I'll just let him do that for now and then figure out how to make a flower (he wants me to make Flowey from Undertale) and then figure out how to make Wheatley from Portal and then figure out how to make a magic wand and a crown and a…

@Tarale @twiddlekins Egg cartons are also lots of fun. He could make a beehive with all the kinda hexagonal shapes.

@viomi Thank you! And understandable; I'm a bit anxious when there are bees near me. But Mr Nearly-3 is currently VERY interested in bees… I suspect partly because we told him they make honey, and he's VERY interested in honey because honey is sweet. 🍯

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