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Doing another to pin as some things have changed.

I'm Taryn, I live in Adelaide, and I'm a stay-at-home mum with a toddler. I'm very tired.

When I get time, I like to draw cartoonish pictures with semi-realistic features. I also like to make things. Sometimes I like to play games.

I'm cis, probably ace, and recently diagnosed with ADHD and autism. She/her, I guess.

I keep making patterns and stuff for lunch lately but it gets the boy to eat so, uh, yay!

Been playing with some Pokémon Smile art and quickly made the missing Eevolutions to go with the others. They’re basically just Umbreon though, meh.

I’ve known about the camera lucida for about five minutes but now I want one so much. The Neolucida looks pretty good…

i just want to stay up late and enjoy some time to myself

AND get 8 hours sleep

AND swim 2+ km before the pool is full of people with no swim etiquette and who periodically scream

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blergh i don’t want to go to bed but i’m gonna hate it when I have to get up early tomorrow morning so I can swim laps before the pool fills up with noisy kids


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Remember those weird celebrity tie-in VHS tapes for software in the 90s? We've been massively let down by there not being a Learn Microsoft Word 97 With The Spice Girls: They really really really wanna WYSIWYG, ah

The dust mite saga continues. Related: the whole house smells of eucalyptus.

Mr 5 has discovered that if he farts near the air purifier it activates a higher powered cleaning mode.

I hope I’ve done something to reduce allergens in my bed. I certainly got a lot of stuff out of the mattress. One day I want a steam cleaner so I can kill all the mites. But perhaps I got rid of some.

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Spent all day trying to get as much dust (and dust mites) out of my mattress and bedding as possible and now I’m tired and can’t wait to go to bed. Stupid dust.

Dad: “not washing your hands is not very cash money”

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Mr 5 has started to say “this is gonna be so cash money” and I was not expecting this

He has no idea about any of the fucked up shit in this game because he skips dialogue like Turnip Boy destroys papers.

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It’s probably somewhat inappropriate that the boy likes this game, but I made him some things. He adores them.

I did it! I sealed the draughty windows!

I feel like @shlee needs to know about this hat I saw in an email from my local library. It is a very important hat.

Look, I can’t stand this queen in See, but the crying while stabbing thing is a whole mood

Stargate was also good at the whole goofy thing that leads to that feeling that Teal’c is your buddy

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