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I suppose I should do the whole thing on this instance, and, I dunno, pin it.

I'm Taryn. I live in and I'm currently a stay at home mum with a toddler. I'm very tired.

When I get time (which is not often), I like to draw cartoony pictures. Sometimes that's and and other assorted nerdery. I like cartoons. I used to like video games more… I like Stardew Valley and Terraria.

I'm cis, probably ace, and probably autistic. She/her, I guess.

There's another bulk place a bit closer, and I'll check that out too. I don't think I'm going to manage zero waste, but I think I can cut back if I can get bulk rice, pasta, flour, and cereal.

Now I have to try not to eat all the Fruchocs.

Went bulk shopping today at The Field Wholefoods. It was alright. Lots of dried fruit. I was hoping for bulk pasta and bulk cereal but I didn't have much luck there. But I have LOTS of snacks for Mr 2.5, and some for us. And no plastic bags were involved.

I also bought a buttload of Fruchocs.

Mr 2.5 does not want to be Lobbadobba. He wants to be Sharalanda.

Yay! The man is here to replace our broken stove!!

@virtualwolf hey, you have the Ken Forkish pizza book too, don't you? Or did I imagine that?

Now I just have to let it sit for 20 minutes but I want to know what it looks like inside and what it tastes like nooooOOOooow.

Preheating the oven to bake my first brown bread. Exciting!!

Damn. All kinds of domestic today with breadmaking and bolognese and everything.

I was going to make a 40% whole wheat bread overnight, but the Ikea trip kind of messed up the timing, so I'm going to make a 70% whole wheat bread tomorrow morning instead.

Survived another semi-voluntary Ikea mugging.

Mr 2.5's current favourite song is the Can-Can.

I love how the dough is transformed over night.

Hey, if I'm trying to be zero-waste and I want to have something over my bread when it's proofing (some recipes call for cling film, like my pizza dough) what would I use? Is this a beeswax wrap task?

I told some bread curious friends that there's here so hopefully they join up/join in.

Time to make more pizza dough. And maybe tomorrow afternoon I might try to make bread. I like bread.

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