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I suppose I should do the whole thing on this instance, and, I dunno, pin it.

I'm Taryn. I live in and I'm currently a stay at home mum with a toddler. I'm very tired.

When I get time (which is not often), I like to draw cartoony pictures. Sometimes that's and and other assorted nerdery. I like cartoons. I used to like video games more… I like Stardew Valley and Terraria.

I'm cis, probably ace, and probably autistic. She/her, I guess.

I've booted up an old computer and it still has tabs open from when I wanted to buy a Cubetto coding toy. I still want to buy a Cubetto coding toy.

Well, my tummy is not flat. Is bloat. But energy flat.

I regret nothing. Especially not the cupcakes.

I think all my birthday sugar has caught up with me. Ugh so flat

I have the biggest bowl of pancake batter I've ever seen in my life.

All geared up for a day of extreme heat.

Just had a choking scare. Not recommended.

Chocolate cannoli is a very good food to eat and also wear.

Mr 2 went to our local Italian bistro, ate pizza and pastry, and now says "I need a noli again!"

I got a reply from my MP about the bushfires and the climate emergency. About what I expected. Disappointing.

Watching one of those nostalgia Netflix documentary things, The Movies That Made Us. We're watching the Die Hard one.

I first saw Die Hard on the Australian TV premiere and so did my entire class apparently and we were all just a smidge too young for it and we came into school with eyes as wide as dinner plates going HOLY SHIT DID WE EVER SEE SOME SHIT ON THE WEEKEND

So @Posty is in the bathroom, giving Mr 2 a bath, and helping him relax with a glockenspiel version of Khe Sanh. Ni-night, little tacker.

OH: your foot does not go in the toilet

*tantrum ensues*

We now have the Bluey plush. Both of them.

Trying to get out of the house with a toddler is a whole thing

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