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Doing another to pin as some things have changed.

I'm Taryn, I live in Adelaide, and I'm a stay-at-home mum with a toddler. I'm very tired.

When I get time, I like to draw cartoonish pictures with semi-realistic features. I also like to make things. Sometimes I like to play games.

I'm cis, probably ace, and recently diagnosed with ADHD and autism. She/her, I guess.

Pokémon GO with the Pokéball Plus is really great at letting me fit in little bits of gaming WHEN I AM BUSY ALL THE TIME

I folded a laundry! Oh, and I caught a Yungoos!


haha yes i’m playing a normal amount of pokémon these days

Me, destroying other trainers pokémon in Let’s Go Eevee

“Look mate, it’s not my fault you didn’t get your 10,000 steps today”

oh shit

there's the election too hey

fuck totally forgot about that shit

Trying to give my son a Skitty for his game of Pokémon Shining Pearl and AARRGH


I don’t want to administrate the fucking pokémon I want to trade the fucking pokémon

Step 8!

I've actually logged in to PayPal!

And now I have a confuse.

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step 7

send details from distracting kindy email on coding tutorial service for kids through to sister in law because nephew is interested in making his own games

still not getting to the thing I'm actually trying to do but I guess I AM actually processing the email.

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step 6

Another extremely distracting email from kindy

I'm trying to figure out the ko-fi thing!
so much

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step 5

ugh governing council email? that's probably IMPORTANT
i'm probably supposed to READ IT

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step 4

much distraction about haighs

what was I doing again?

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step two

become distracted by the one email that mentions Haighs is expanding and building a new chocolate factory

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i'm gonna figure out the thing!
the thing you guys did!
I'm gonna figure out how to do the thing.

because i bought Pokécoins so I can buy standard Pokéballs (and also storage) so I can take Mr Nearly-5 out on a walk with the Pokéball Plus

with none of the assorted errors I've slowly been coming to understand over the past day or so. (bag full! pokemon storage full! No standard balls!)

oh man my adhd is not having a fun time with there being, like, messages, and stuff to do

I feel awful that I've not responded to some of the lovely things you've been doing to try to help in some way, but I really do appreciate it, and I will try to get to it

There's good news though: posty has been moved to the open ward and it appears you may see him online possibly

but also now I need to plan and pack things so I can make the best of tomorrow's improved visiting hours. and also it'll make my brain stop doing its thing it does

But I had a few moments of not just "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" today

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words from the bad place 

So oh, the mania posting only mildly embarrassed me, so that’s good

What did I miss?

hello everyone I can see some stuff has been happening and I want to look properly and reply soon but everything is still happening, hopefully will do when at play café later with grandma (my mum) and having a little moment (I hope) but I appreciate it and thank you and ahhhh must keep going ahhhh

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