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I suppose I should do the whole thing on this instance, and, I dunno, pin it.

I'm Taryn. I live in and I'm currently a stay at home mum with a toddler. I'm very tired.

When I get time (which is not often), I like to draw cartoony pictures. Sometimes that's and and other assorted nerdery. I like cartoons. I used to like video games more… I like Stardew Valley and Terraria.

I'm cis, probably ace, and probably autistic. She/her, I guess.

Screaming time again. So much screaming. My house is full of calm.

well, that's Quiet Time for today folks


shhhhh stay that way a while longer

Nooooo I am not ready for you to wake up again child

I wish to register a complaint. It's fucking cold outside.

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Welcome to WeRWorld, a tentative experiment to see if Rotation-Curation (RoCur) accounts can work on the Mastodon platform.

As the admin of WeRWorld on Twitter, I believe they can. A single instance with an admin and a host should be more secure than anything Twitter has to offer.

There is a fair bit I need to do here to get things up to speed, including re-writing what is on, so please bear with me.


The screaming has finished. I think he's asleep. Mum party time

*takes bins out*

Kids are, like, soooooo fucking weird.

Today's screaming:


Screaming o'clock. Part of the soothing afternoon ritual.

This is apparently what I do now. I bake, with "help" from a toddler. When did this start happening?

I blame the banana bread.

He also wants the oranges. I'm glad I bought extra. The plan was to make orange and poppy seed muffins with his "help", assuming all ingredients survive.

During the shopping trip today, Mr Nearly-2 became very attached to a jar of poppy seeds and now wants to take it everywhere.

There's going to be a poppy seed problem later if he figures out how to remove the seal.

Today's toddler wrangling: grocery shopping ahead of a visit from Nanna and Poppa for dinner tomorrow. Would normally shop tomorrow but that's going to have to be a library day instead.

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So #WhyAreYouHere Mike?

From the late 1980s, I've lived part of my life in online communities. At times when I've felt totally lost, my online homes have kept me going.

Sometimes you just need some place to BE, and I believe it's not acceptable for those needs to be manipulated by some company that's in the business of selling access your friends back to you. The price is always too high.

So Chinwag exists to provide the tools for people to talk, lurk or walk away. You're welcome here.

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Let's try this again

I'm here looking for something different, something non commercial. A place where the quality of the connections you make is more important than the dollars they generate

I still use other social media as well. Mostly to stay connected with family and friends and stay up to date and involved in the debate

I hope it grows here

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@Tarale I'm here 'cause it's friendlier and less shouty than :birdsite:. I found myself getting into too many pointless arguments at the other place and came to the realisation that their business model is to encourage outrage to keep people coming back to increase their profits.I like that the admins are doing it to create a community, not profit. I also like that, if I want, I can run my own instance and still be involved in the greater community.

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