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I suppose I should do the whole thing on this instance, and, I dunno, pin it.

I'm Taryn. I live in and I'm currently a stay at home mum with a toddler. I'm very tired.

When I get time (which is not often), I like to draw cartoony pictures. Sometimes that's and and other assorted nerdery. I like cartoons. I used to like video games more… I like Stardew Valley and Terraria.

I'm cis, probably ace, and probably autistic. She/her, I guess.

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For just one dollar a month you can sponsor an Australian idiot online Money we’ll spent in my opinion.

Either I'm sick, or hayfever is starting to be a thing again.

Who would have thought attaching textiles to other textiles would be such a fucking thing

I borrowed a children's book on sewing today and at the very least it explains what tools I'll need in simple language instead of assuming I'm already a Level 70 Fabricmancer so that's a win

So, I've bought a sewing machine, and it is slightly terrifying.

I have a very large tub of mascarpone 😁

Managed to swim a whole 2.5km today! But have been told I won't get to swim next week because my in-laws are too busy to take Mr 2 to playgroup.

Today I pinched my finger in the stroller buckle and gave myself a blood blister, then I had to reassure Mr 2 about it because let's face it he was the real victim here.

I got my knives sharpened today and now I'm almost as afraid of them as I am of my mandolin.

I do not like driving while my husband is stressed out.

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You can get it plodding
You can get it godding
You can get it moping a sow
Matter of fact I've got it now

I liked my duchess potatoes. They were a highlight. Later on I will NOT have my in-laws around and I will gorge myself.

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2020: walmart buys tumblr for $10 and a gift card

I have made myself many fluffy little potato clouds and they make me very happy.

Ooooh, @Posty might be setting up a way for me to stream from Procreate (the stuff in the app never seems to work for me), although I dunno how interesting that would be as I'm not very chatty when I draw or anything.

Asuka on the other hand is very noisy, gets in everyone's faces, does what she wants, and wants all the praise and attention. She definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

Misato is best girl and I have definitely tried to be more like Misato except in the ways where she's horrifically derailed as a character by some sex guilt and uh, other, uh, bullshit.

Been having Neon Genesis Evangelion thoughts. When I discovered Eva I liked Rei much more than Asuka, but I've always found it hard to describe why.

Like me, Rei was very quiet. She doesn't say a lot, and she keeps to herself. She follows the rules and orders. She's very skilled but internally motivated. She knows she's different in some way but she doesn't know how or why. She can't even maintain a facade of connection with others.

Now that I'm discovering that I'm very likely autistic… 🤔

Still slowly getting through the duplo. So much duplo.

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