Did you get the ABC Vote Compass follow-up survey? I feel pretty uncomfortable being asked to rate Asians, Women, Jews, and Indigenous folks.

@jalefkowit do you have a viable third option over there? Over here (AU) we just had an election and the third option was very popular - major parties only got barely ⅓ of the vote and we have a parliament chock full of Greens and independents.

@peemee @JacksonBates when I was a lad I was helping/watching my much-older-and-supposedly-more-responsible brother-in-law do some amateur home electrical work. He put his pliers into a hole and there was the biggest flash and a bang, and he was thrown backwards a few metres and he had reflexively thrown the pliers back so that they were embedded in the ceiling. When we realised he was okay we laughed and laughed. And then called a qualified electrician.

@JacksonBates It means put your rubber soled shoes on before you start drilling

@urbaer the only correct answer is at least 3! She only gave me one extra - if I want extra then I want extra for all of my rolls!

auspol, common root vegetable 

@sinjut you say "surely", but evidence suggest otherwise -- they stay with ScoMo, and they keep listening to Barnaby and Matt Canavan.

@phocks completely agree - it didn’t really dawn on me until his victory speech that I’m also a child of a single mum in public housing and I feel a connection.

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I bought 3 California Rolls today at my local sushi place, and as normal they gave me 3 little soy sauce fish, one for each roll.

I asked for extra soy sauce, how many extra soy sauce fish do you think I should have received?

@screenbeard @virtualwolf I’ve kept one of their unused yellow hats. I’m putting it with my Masters bag (the rival to Bunnings that went under) in my gallery of things that don’t exist any more.

My day job is the business manager of a primary school. There was only one party that left all their crap behind after the weekend.

Schadenfreude, ausvotes 

@hugh I’m getting my popcorn to watch the Libs souls search about pulling out of the the coalition

@jalefkowit While this is interesting, the great thing is we just overwhelmingly elected a progressive government that has a massive mandate to take immediate actions on:

- climate change
- setting up independent body to investigate & prosecute corruption in the government
- progressive social policies like heavily subsidised childcare (to get women back into the workforce and boost the economy) and support for the elderly
- enshrine in our constitution a voice of indigenous Australians (the Uluru statement from the heart)

It's a huge repudiation of right-wing, xeonphobic, scaremongering politics that has been making its way over here from the US and Europe for the last 5-10 years.

It is a *lovely* place to wake up to this morning.

@daedalus @vkc If you're looking to move and live in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth I recommend BinaryLane -- I moved my Linode servers to BL many years ago and it's been nothing but roses and unicorns.


Wait why does this work so well?

I can actually focus on it rather than having g to reread like 3 times.

@CodingItWrong I joined the instance for my country, and the local feed is chock full of tech dudes and hardly any normal people and nobody I found interesting to follow on that other site


@cratesmith I expect he'll be the man that makes the coalition lurch heavily to the Right. All the moderate libs are going to get taken out by ALP or Teal Independents and only the hard right will survive in their safe seats in QLD and places like that.

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