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Music creation 

Putting it all together... Eight bars of synthesized strummed acoustic guitar.

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TIL newton’s pendulum has way more „moves“ than I originally thought it has (never owned one myself and just always saw one in films etc.)


gangnam style ft. newton’s pendulum by xmphysics


Just watching the ABC election coverage and I was disturbed by the number of young people saying they had voted Liberal at exit polls. I also noticed a lot of young people only clutching liberal how to vote papers at my local poll.
And then it occurred to me that this is all that they have known. Anything else is unknown and scary and they don't know that things used to be better.

Has one gone too far when the ability of a shape to efficiently tile the plane affects one's choice of biscuit cutters?

This morning I made Ginger Bread because my eyes were insufficiently open to distinguish between the tubes of Garlic Paste and Ginger Paste. It was surprisingly mediocre.
So now I have pulled out the bag of Gingerbread mix and I am preparing to make real Gingerbread. Possibly with added ginger.

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When I am king, all synths will be powered either with an IEC-C13 plug or USB-C PD.

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I'm going to have to unfollow you ... Your boosts are flooding my home feed.

Clickspring has just released another video in his Antikythera mechanism reconstruction series:
This one covers the engraving of the Metonic dial and give you a great deal of information about how the ancient Greek calendar worked.

The weather today is continual near rain a bit heavier than a drizzle but not raining hard or storming. It is how I remember winter rain from the 1960s I hardly ever saw it past the 1970s and now it is back.

Unnatural water falling from the sky today.
"Do you think it is safe to go out in it?"
"Maybe we should just hole up here for the day, we have wine, coffee, cheese and chocolate."
"What would our friends think if we did that?"
"They would be jealous."
"Okay, lets do it."

Today we went the 250 km or so from Denmark to Nannup. First stop was Darkside Chocoates for a bundle of choccies for ourselves and some friends and a quick visit to the excellent Denmark Butcher. Then on to Walpole where my grandfather lived in his later years and we filled our insulated coffee cups at the BP service station (the only cafe left). Then up through the Shannon National Park (I can just remember Shannon Mill that used to be there) and on to Manjimup where Maureen was born. We stopped for lunch at one of the Bakeries and walked around town to see if there was a jeweller to replace M's watch battery (No). Grabbed some petrol at $1.90 a litre and off towards Nannup. We saw 2 logging trucks and the drivers politely let us past unlike the ones in Tasmania. Nannup Lavender Farm was closed so we went straight on to Cambray Cheese (the locality was named after Cambrai after WW1). We are now ensconced in out cottage with our complimentary cheese platter and a glass of local Rose. 😎

Watching Abandoned Engineering tonight which has a segment on some Finnish flack towers used to protect a Molotov Cocktail factory. It included a segment on the Finnish - Soviet winter war. and it has obvious parallels to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

So Firefox won't connect to the insecure motel wifi login page. No problem for me because I have plenty of unused data and turn my phone on but I think that I should do the responsible thing and report that they have security problems on their login page. But I am greeted with hostility that nothing is wrong and it is working for everyone else. I explain that I am not complaining and that they have a problem that their IT person should be able to fix easily but they are not interested.
For the record they are using an obsolete version of TLS and the server time is wrong so that the certificate cant be checked. How do you get through?

In Denmark (W.A.) in our motel room with a balcony overlooking trees and lawn and the occasional kangaroo. The trip was a pain with at least 6 roadwork halts between North Bannister and Williams. Too late to visit Darkside Chocolates today and they are closed Tuesdays. Wednesday morning is the go for chocolate hunting as we depart.

Pussycat got sprung this morning … my wife gives him a freeze dried chicken heart as a treat every morning after she cleans her teeth. Most mornings he is there waiting but sometimes he will be lazy and sits in the cat tree next to my seat and tries to con Maureen into hand feeding him. This morning he was disinclined to move so I started to get up and suddenly he was on his way. I am, apparently, a notorious food thief with a history of stealing his geckos and raw chicken (whenever I am prepping raw meat he will go and complain to Maureen that I am stealing his food and not be satisfied until he get proof there is some left for him).


Interestingly, the UAP and Liberals are using generic adverts in W.A. but Labour is using ads specifically targeted at us. Is it similar in other states?
No sign of the Greens or Nationals at all.

Luckily I had finished my coffee *before* I turned to today's xkcd ...

Going away next week for a few days down south (W.A.) but my EDC fountain pen is nearly empty. What ink to put in it? Decisions, decisions!
The pen is a TWSBI Vac 700r. But maybe I should change pens and give this one a rest.

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