At the doctors for various reasons but one of them being organising the flu shot. The place is packed with flu victims and I feel like this is going to be a huge waste of time. Ugh.

Also my son's ex speech pathologist that we "broke up with" is here too and it is awks as hell my friends. My head is buried in my phone. Oh yes.

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@Spanx Bugger :-( Hope the vaccine gets in before any unofficial source. Clinics for those eligible for bulk bill not starting here until the end of the month, so I'm getting mine done at the pharmacy on Friday. Been trying to avoid people as much as possible.

@grumpysmiffy this one covers 4 popular strains but I live and work fairly close to Melbourne Airport so I'm always on the receiving end of any number of flu cocktails. I hope you manage to avoid to until Friday.

@Spanx At least it doesn't hurt of the flu! 👍

@Spanx Ugh. Save us from blunt needles, and ham-fisted nurses. At least the pharmacist does a pretty good job, but sometimes those needles ain't what I'd call sharp.

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