Food: KFC revelation 

My fat arse only today discovered that you can order Zinger Fillets by themselves, you don't need to order them in a Zinger burger. Life changing, for the worse of course, because I'll be ordering just Zinger Fillets from now on and fucking my heart right up.

420: Random bit of bud I found while doing house cleaning 

Small bit of providence in trying times.

FYI It was in a sealed container, I am not smoking carpet dregs 😂

Issa not fancy but it-a will getta you blitzed! 😂

auspol election 

Seems there is not a lot of swapping going on between ALP and LNP.

Antony Green is expecting a hung parliament.

There are votes going everywhere to small parties, at the expense of the major parties.


I think most politicians are actually Lizard people/Reptilians

But I have a feeling Albo was a human secret agent sent to the Reptilian homeworld deep undercover in a Reptilian suit to infiltrate Reptilian society. And he spent too long there, forgot that he was originally a human. And got sent back to Earth in a human suit to infiltrate Human society on behalf on the Reptilians.


Sorry to disappoint but I was a good boy and filled out both ballots properly this time. No dick drawings or impromptu satirical cartoons. For the House of Reps ballot, I went with the rep for the Greens and everyone after that, I didn't give much thought. Definitely pushed Android Lady (LNP) far down the list, pretty sure One Nation was either last or second last. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a party running that is shittier than One Nation.

For the Senate, I put 1-8 for Socialist Alliance and the Greens, and 9-12 a bunch of other randoms. I'm pretty sure I marked the Legalise Cannabis reps but that was just down to "Hehehehe, weed" and not actually knowing anything about their party. 🤣

We'll see what happens by tonight. It looks like "There's a Hole in the Bucket" will win though. I guess it's kind of an improvement, I don't know.

Was watching the news on TV and saw mention of Monkeypox in the news ticker. What the fuck is Monkeypox?! We're just starting to get through Covid and now there's some random Monkey virus that we have to look out for?! 😑

I would just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as ‘democracy’ is actually just ‘liberal capitalism’…


The Australian optional preferential system that it uses in its lower houses of Government formation is really just First Past The Post with extra steps.

Anyone who tells you that it helps you keep your vote relevant after your first preferences are denied is making shit up.

It still shoehorns your selection into a Two Party Preferential voting choice.

If you really wanted to do Statist Democracy properly, you’d do a Constituent Assembly: draw representatives from every layer of society, including Seniors, Disabled, Youth, Workers from every industry…

This is very adorable!

What are your first video game memories? I think mine are of Alex Kidd in Miracle World on the Sega Master System, a game that still holds up really well after 36 years in my opinion. I especially love the title screen. Very iconic.

These pigeons around Trinity Church are always so perfectly lined up, I suspect that they are actually advanced animatronic surveillance robots.,😂

What would a computer renaissance look like?

These are some schematic thoughts, but I think they could be offered up as some suggestions for practical future action:

a varied and diverse ecosystem of platforms, protocols, and networks
interoperability all guaranteed through establishing agreed standards either by user consensus or through committee
respect for user’s freedoms
the user is both an end-user as well as a producer of software, shaping their own experience, and, where applicable, open to sharing their creations
a hypertext network system that is completely platform agnostic, as well as being lightweight, robust, and resistant to people who don’t co-operate with the goals of the system (spam, phishing, viruses…)
thin clients and well as thick clients supported
your suggestion here…

Having a floofeh neighbourhood cat out and about certainly softens the blow of having to move out.

Let’s see who sticks around after the hypocrisy that was Silicon Valley erodes into the eternal bit rot of history…

Many people blew in on the promise of dollars and social clout, and now that the generative mechanism of those two forms of wealth is dying, these people will blow out.

So let’s see who is committed to the dream of liberatory computing. Let’s see who is actually obsessed with the digital.

We are living in a dark age of computing.


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