Hello everyone!

I'm Rohan, living near Melbourne just out of Ballarat. That's been pretty new to me (last 6 months), I've been around the city for two years before that.

I'm the process of setting up a community bush space with some friends based around permaculture principles, and inspired by the experience making art for music festivals.

I make electronic music with bitwig on linux, I write code, love metalwork and woodwork.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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@holocube Hello! How goes it? Whereabouts are you vanning around?

@Rohan Hunkered down in Brisbane at the moment. But I've been up north through the beaches/waterholes of the east coast, up the Bloomfield track past Cape Trib, west below the Gulf of Carpentaria (and a detour Boodjamulla NP), down from Kakadu, through the Macdonnell Ranges and surrounds, and also a little around NW Vic, FE Gippsland, and a couple of tours around Tasmania.

@holocube Amazing :-) Sounds like you found a good spot to land this year. I haven't done heaps of travel in mine, mostly camping trips and festivals around Vic, but been up to QLD in it a couple of years ago. Just finishing up a trip to Melbourne from Ballarat now that we can visit the city :-)

@Rohan yeah, I don't envy what Melbourne has been through. Glad you've finally reclaimed freedom! I'm not sure if you're into ConFest, but I'm hoping one day that will be a thing again.

@holocube I sure am, heading to confest again is the dream!

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