After a number of household musical obsessions and an offhand comment from a friend last night, I attempted a mashup of Benni Benassi's Satisfaction with some Tina Turner. Some psytrance made its way in there for good measure.

Working on a new track that congealed really quickly. Funky guitar + locally recorded ambience = 👌️

Planning a trip from the country into Melbourne next week. Part trepidatious, part excited

Just ordered a mini oscilloscope. One of those things I've always wanted but never had a good enough excuse to buy. *cue photos of me measuring signals on random electronics around the house*

Been playing around with synthesising a hang drum in Bitwig. Think I got it sounding pretty alright for a starting point!

Greatly aided by this master's thesis, which I mostly used for the clean spectrogram:

Spent the day checking out a block for a friend who's looking at starting a farm / bush retreat. Lovely spot near a lake. Unsurprisingly marshy in spots.

Hello everyone!

I'm Rohan, living near Melbourne just out of Ballarat. That's been pretty new to me (last 6 months), I've been around the city for two years before that.

I'm the process of setting up a community bush space with some friends based around permaculture principles, and inspired by the experience making art for music festivals.

I make electronic music with bitwig on linux, I write code, love metalwork and woodwork.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


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