We are currently role playing at giant dentistry and I'm sure I read a Piers Anthony novel in high school that was very similar to this adventure.

Also the swatch I made 8 million years ago is now on its way to becoming a jumper. Bridgerton makes for excellent knit watching.

I have insufficient words to express my relief that it's not raining right now.


It didn't factor into any initial decision making process, but I am glad (along with many other privileges, including being able to purchase a house) that our house is at the top of a hill.

Cool. I've never seen pistachios unpeeled before (almonds, yes), so when I pulled these out of this week's veggie box I had to look them up. Now to figure out how to use them? I wonder if the skins can be used for dyeing?

Why isn't there an open source sewing machine yet

We have entered the era of Weekend Activities. I am now spending my Saturday mornings in a rock climbing gym and my Sunday mornings at tae kwon do. Unfortunately, none of these activities are for me. On the other hand, I'd be too exhausted to do them anyway.

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Oh dear, $spouse’s work has set up a Minecraft server and now the game has its hooks in us again.

I know a few folks on aus.social have mentioned they are familiar with the ol' green owl. Is anyone using an actual paid subscription? Willing to share (privately) what amount you pay?

Thank goodness for vacation care, is all I can say right now.

Getting a hamster sprite to look like it's walking was hard.


This is how we roll this year for school holidays: designing video games (the winner for best title is "Hamster Quest Level Up") and me figuring out how to implement them, and learning how to hand sew little pillows.

Let’s try this again, even though I only got about 6 hrs sleep.

Just finished reading Piranesi. Damn, Susanna Clarke never disappoints.

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