Gross / insects 

Been battling bed bugs. After thinking the situation was under control, today $spouse discovered some nesting in his over-ear headphones and we are now filled with NOPE 😱🙅

Also this profile on Wendy Froud made me almost publicly cry when I read the final sentence. I want to be her when I grow up.

It’s been a long time since I really dug into non-fiction, but I’ve been enjoying Wendy Liu’s _Abolish_Silicon_Valley_ way more than I thought I had intellectual capacity for at this stage of my life.

Taking a very overdue holiday on the Beecroft Peninsula. All next week off at home, too. Read lots of Grady Hendrix, went to the beach a lot (thank Glob for the decent weather), and having my mind bent by Severance. Almost back to human again.

Parenting is hard 

Tried battling inertia and attempted to pick up old, half-finished personal website project. Child was bored and threw guilt grenade at me for not playing boardgames with child (<sarcasm>because clearly child's boredom should be my personal responsibility</sarcasm>).

Now looking for a convenient table to flip.

Today’s Sydney summer heat & humidity index:

It’s lie-on-the-kitchen-floor-because-that’s-the-only-cool-place-in-the-house steamy.

The Rona 

Bother. Despite our best efforts to avoid it, The Plague has struck twin 1. No idea whether it was vacation care or me bringing it home from the shops. Could only get a hold of 2 RATs, so waiting on PCR results to see if anyone else is plague-ridden. Thus endeth Day 1 of Iso. They were booked in for jabs on Friday 🤦‍♀️


Vale Chris Locke, aka Rageboy, aka Kat Herding, of The Cluetrain Manifesto, Energy Gradient Reversals, Gonzo Marketing, and Mystic Bourgeoisie fame. A hugely formative part of my online existence. Feels like there’s a huge vacuum in the internet now.

Annoying opinionated people, literal drive-by parenting 

Well, it finally happened. Some condescending turd made sure to good & tell me what a terrible human being and parent I am for Being On a Bike With Kids. I did not have the presence of mind to come up with a snappy response, and just basically lost my cool. Need to learn to be more Zen about this stuff.

Someone please explain to me why we keep bothering to spend money on actual toys for these two.

Many things changed last year but on Saturday the democracy sausages marched on in our neighbourhood (vegetarian and vegan options available, natch). I never thought I’d be so efficient at adding up sums in my head and operating an eftpos terminal. So tired I started falling asleep at 8pm last night.

It was too cloudy to see the lunar eclipse but a fine evening nonetheless for counting flying foxes.

Just submitted my first pull request on github for my contribution to our ultimate DCC bot. Not sure what to do with myself now!

I am reading The Lottery and Other Stories, and it’s interesting what a familiar world her stories build for me looking back into them from 2021. Damn, Jackson could really write.

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