Just hanging out with giant trees today, you know, a usual kind of day.

Well the entire weekend was completely bonkers doing laundry, packing, entertaining small folk in the middle of the chaos, clearing out the fridge, cleaning, taking the parrot to the vet for boarding, etc. But, we are on the way to the airport and we didn’t forget passports so hopefully it’s all downhill from here.


Really looking forward to going on holiday next week. Really not looking forward to getting ready for holiday this week.

Finally got my act together and saw GP about sore heels. Diagnosis: plantar fasciitis. Currently on industrial anti-inflammatory for a week, we'll see how it goes but it's nice to be able to walk easily again.

Fathers day feast for $spouse. Apples roasting in the oven for dessert 😋

Feeling proud that I stuck with all 4 weeks of fitness boot camp in the park provided by work. Definitely feeling the difference in strength & energy. But now at a loss for what to do to keep the good habit going. Anyone have a recommendation for a good all around callisthenics style workout program that can be done solo?

Violet Beaudelaire tests out the grappling hook she invented.

Book week victory! Now to cobble together Violet Beaudelaire grappling hook.

Foolhardily planning on trying to sew a wizardy Harry Potter Cape this weekend for Book Week. Wish me luck.

Quads are far less sore after Fitness Bootcamp week 2. Also a small miracle: both small people slept in their own beds THE ENTIRE NIGHT.

Been quiet in this space. Hi, everybody!

Still navigating Winter Meh and recovering from Twin Birthday #6. How about yourselves?

Mental state blather 

Pie and beer levels restored to recommended thresholds.

One hour left until pub o’clock. One hour left until pub o’clock.

ME: "Ok, that's everything, here we go"

*turns dishwasher on*
*turns around*

TEASPOON: Dude, you're not gonna believe this!

It took almost all day, but I managed to mostly unearth the study from daddy long legs, dust, and both figurative and literal rubbish.

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