Got to stay out past curfew; Vivid festival is already on!

Fitness boot camp had a definite and positive impact on the plantar fasciitis/ heel pain. On the other hand, everything else hurts 😣

I seem to have a very finite limit on number of responsible things I can cope with. Been trying to improve on good habits (taking lunch to work, flossing). Today I brought workout clothes so I could try to do this fitness boot camp thing at lunch, and forgot my damn front door key for the first time in ages. 🤦‍♀️

The first major downside of working for a NFP that needs to maintain political neutrality in order to continue to advocate / work with whatever government is in power: needing to maintain that neutrality on my public social media persona during this last election 🥺 This was a tough election to not toot about.

Another election, another cake stall offering. This time we have Nanaimo Bars.

OK, so I just had to try the crazy red chocolate, it's tasty but still doesn't beat out a classic bar of nicely-made 70% cocoa dark.

Finally finished watching the 3 Flavours Cornetto trilogy.

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This handsome individual was hanging out on the shed this morning & caused a great deal of excitement.

Oh dear lord, got myself sucked into Minecraft again. As if I don't have enough problems getting things done.

At work today, and my head is so not in the game. Obsessively listening to Fourplay's cover of Femme Fatale to try to focus.

The highlight of today’s trip to the Maritime Museum.

Hellboy was gory goofy good fun. A solid B-. Hellboy movie adaptions are tricky; I don’t see how you could echo Mignola’s stark, spare art style in a comic book flick. But this was at least enjoyable in the way it didn’t try to take itself too seriously, and was happily OTT horrific and embraced all kinds of crazy mythology.

I also liked that they brought in Alice and Daimio (though Daniel Dae Kim can’t pull off a British accent). And who doesn’t love Ian McShane?

Day off with $spouse for his birthday. Comic book shop, then watching Hellboy at the Dendy Lounge. We are basically just two fifteen year olds cutting school.

Sad about Notre Dame. Me, almost 20 years ago, when I met $spouse for the first time, before moving to Sydney.

So, in this morning's (virtual) stand-up, I said I was going to be working on X, continuing what I was doing over the weekend. So far I have done nothing but Y, because Agile.

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