@seth true, but also seems buzzing in a way that is positively pleasant.

Less of a "I want twitter, but without twitter; why is this not twitter" (which used to be somewhat of an issue in previous waves), more of a "huh, this is an interesting thing that is similar but different to birdsite that I want to explore and understand and get a hang of."

I really dig the attitude.

Canvassing opinion ...

I'm in the early stages of learning a language, call it Xonian. I've used Duolingo to get me started, and I'll continue with that, and I have a book that I'm "decrypting" to give me example sentences, vocabulary, and exposure to the language in general. I'm listening to news broadcasts, simply to get a sense of what the language sounds like, although I'm starting to recognise words, so that's helping.

Now I'm going to start "conversation" sessions with an internet acquaintance who is a native speaker of Xonian. These won't be lessons, they're just a chance for me to say "How do I say this?" or "What's the pronunciation here?" or "why use this word instead of that?"

My acquaintance doesn't want paying, but I want to send them some money each week/month as a gift to say thank you.

Instantly, gut reaction, how much would be reasonable?

(If you want to know more about my strategy for learning Xonian, ask questions ... I'm thinking of writing a blog post.)

All thoughts welcome and invited.

This is more of a theoretical question that I am curious about....

I know that mastodon instances can federate with other servers, and the instance administrator/s can choose who they can collaborate with... but what if a user doesn't agree with the administrator/s on the choice of server?

I know on a drastic level you can just migrate, and there are filters available... but it isn't really intuitive on how to filter out just a domain rather than a username or keyword....

I did a quick google for the documentation and got an API reference, which isn't really helpful on the user end of things.

Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.

Bloody hell, Dyson tech support is out of this world. Texted me a link so I ca live stream an image of the faulty unit.

I keep getting conflicting "information" from various disgruntled people about exactly what NBN is, how good (or otherwise) it is, the service it should be capable of providing, and the service it actually *does* provide.

Is there, somewhere, a clear, careful write-up of all this, leaving out the vitriol and simply describing things as they are?

Then, to make it more specific in that general context, my mother is in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne ... what level of service should she expect?


@RiderOfGiraffes oh sure I'm more than capable of that, and in fact would probably opt for a Matrix chat room instead (and I already have a server set up that I could use for that); it's the community building effort that is the *really* tricky part! 😂

Has anybody made a comparison between @matrix and Zulip (zulip.com/)?
As a Matrix user I'm trying to understand what makes Zulip different, but it's not obvious to me.
(I'm not criticizing, I'm genuinely trying to understand why one might choose Zulip over Matrix; I personally haven't used Zulip before and don't want to start using *another* message tool without some reasonable justification, but I figure it must have *some* unique appeal, if only I knew what it was.)

Ludus, the Recreational Mathematics Magazine, is going to produce a special edition: All Around Pi.

Papers need to be submitted by March 14th:


Extremely rude of my phone to beep at the exact same time I unplugged an unrelated device.

Once again I am reminded that there are people I would not only never choose to work with, but I would actively choose never to work with them.

They may produce good work, but their attitudes are intolerable. I can only hope they would say the same of me.

I'm enjoying this:

nerdlegame 18 3/6



Prompted by a toot elsewhere:

List 5 famous people you've either met or have been within a few feet of, but ONE is a lie. Then let your friends guess which one they think is a lie.

1. Don Knuth
2. Garry Kasparov
3. Jim Lovell
4. HM Queen Elizabeth II
5. Christopher Hogwood
6. Erno Rubik
7. Stephen Wolfram

Sorry, that was 7 ... consider it an off-by-one error. And the previous statement was also an off-by-one error.

Also, not sure I have that many friends ...

When I was a kid. my parents would always say, "excuse my French" after
a swear word...

I'll never forget my first day at school when my teacher asked if any of us knew any French...


@futzle Just had a thing...

Client forgot the admin password for application (Quest Spotlight).. so I uninstalled it. Reinstalled it with a new admin password and the dang previous config was there again (including user/pass creds). Zero config is fun but shouldn't uninstall delete the configuration for safety? instead of leaving life config on the box. you'd think :psyduck:

also means the creds are stored rather cleartext or with a static key which is bad :nsa:

Hi ... I'm a PhD in Pure Maths, now working in Maths Outreach and Enhancement. I mostly live on Mathstodon.xyz, but have this as an auxiliary identity.

I'm interesting in (s), , some aspects of computing, ballroom , , and language.

But my interests are eclectic.

I'm Australian, based in the UK, but COVID permitting, I travel.


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