New rule anyone who talks about fire in their belly is automatically and instantly disqualified from holding public office

That telltale blue flash of admins running some fresh new fuckery on my company laptop

IT industry 

Cuntsultants never fucking change

🎶All the little angels
Rise up rise up
All the little angels
Rise up high🎶

@Tarale you’re a very good parent and you shouldn’t listen to any opinion to the contrary including your own. You’re doing a superhero effort in an amazingly shitty situation.

December this year marks 55 years since we have given a Prime Minister to the ocean. This is surely the reason for the difficulties of the last few years.

Whoever is elected next weekend should commit to immediately getting into the sea to save us.

#AppeasePoseidon #ausvotes

Like there's never not at least 5 different tarot card campaigns happening at once

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Kickstarter has a weird obsession with custom tarot cards

No I will not sign up to yet another fucking data mining service to order from your restaurant I will pay you in money and compliments but nothing else goodnight

If I were a depraved billionaire buying companies to satisfy my whims, I’d just put 3.5mm audio jacks back in everything


I'm afraid to look is Labor trying to lose again

Not appreciating the sudden uptick in spam calls lately

Americans ripping off Australian creativity yet again we did the slap years ago

Restaurants requiring you to order on your phone even when you're right fucking there can get in the green bin

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