Thought I'd repair the broken slat in my son's bed. How's your day going?

🥑 avocado seed/nut(?) ready to grow as per a TikTok I saw last night

Reminded of the time I spent a shitload of cash putting a thumping stereo in my near-new Seat Malaga like this one.
Only for the transmission to become a box of shards a couple of weeks later.

RIP another of my parcels about to enter the purgatory of Welshpool AusPost depot not to be seen for a couple of months.

Was in Woollies at lunch and bought a plant to brighten up my desk

Also, it's lovely that she cooked chilli con carne, but there is no rice, which I like. So yes, it's chilli con carne on toast

Looks like miss 3 has got hold of the iPad again and it's syncing photos to me

My uber driver appears to be doing a Macca's drive through on way to me, is this normal?

In-n-Out burgers are "popping-up" in Perth today for one day only. Something about keeping their trademark current. There are actually people who will queue for hours in the rain for a fast-food burger.

On the plus side, my new jumpers just arrived. They are happy colours. They look brighter in real life.

Well that deescalated quickly. I now have the bus to myself. Bizarre.

First of the day.
Not been to this pub before. Best described as "rough as fuck"

When you have your jorts epiphany but you've already left the house (not mine)

Wet hockey pitch on a Saturday morning. Maybe I should buy some form of winter footwear

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