One of those civilised afternoon drinks and nibbles that ends up with the hosts' son being sent out to the bottle-o for more drinkage.

Thought tonight might go badly - putting down Mr 7 and Ms 3 month on my own but it's actually going really well. Mr 7 currently writing a multi-page letter to some YouTube Beyblader, Ms 7 month just kicking away in her bassinet quite happily.

Boot shop rang to say my boots have arrived for trying-on. I finished lunch so I can't go. And can't go after work because other committments. So wet feet for me if I go outside this weekend. Really should have got this sorted sooner.

Playing the game of standing with face right up against the lift doors and startling people when they open.

Looking at the rain it's gonna be an Uber Eats kind of day. I don't like making some poor kid cycle through horrid weather, but I do feel like a burger.

Having one of those weeks where it really doesn't matter which piece of work I tackle next, they're all equally fucked and super-late.

Seems I'm the only one in my section of the office today.
Cue singing and dancing.

One of my (very talented) colleagues has just pulled the pin with a 13-paragraph full-bus mail to the COO explaining his displeasure at (lack of) decision on renewing his contract. And sent us all a copy. It's very juicy.

Hmmm. Re-arranged Pub Club doesn't look like it's going to happen. Too few attendees. Which is a shame as I've got a right thirst on. I am on the lookout for Tooters that fancy a beer in/around South /Vic Park.

In a break from the Wednesday norm, Pub Club is tonight, Thursday.
TBH it used to be on Thursdays but I ended up taking so many Fridays off it was getting silly.

And it's mandatory otherwise I'd just not bother

What i really wanted to attend was another 1 hour+ AMA with senior management for the second time this week. Gonna get there early to get a seat, not standing for the whole of this one.

Look, if you've labelled something as "temporary" and I trash it then at least some of that is on you.

Well, my new pink jumper seems to be going down well at work

Gah! Trekked across town to get some boots I want to stop my feet getting wet. Despite what their website said, they had none in my size. So left shop, it pissed down, I missed my bus and got wet feet anyway.

Gotta love a complex list of actions to perform that I've worked through and completed up to number 6. Guess what number 6 is? "This must be done first". FFS.

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