What's the etiquette when your uber driver arrives with all the windows open but it still fucking stinks of weed?

so @boostmobile@twitter.com " we did not meet the security protocol on your account (due to ID validation). We won't be able to process your request"
You've verified my driving licence, address, medicare, email and phone.
What more do you need?

Trying to activate 2 SIMs with @boostmobile@twitter.com. Get all the way through to last stage then "something went wrong". Gah. Currently trying to explain to their bot that yes I know their website URL. But apparently "Thanks for hanging in there and we’re sorry to keep you waiting. We have lots of people excited about the new iPhone, so we're a little busy at the moment."
I am not excited about iPhones.
I hate these dumb bots.

Good morning. Current status is my desk being used to charge up a few things in preparation for holiday. Four sets of headphones, a sat nav, 2 watches, an old phone to be used with a different network, 2 LED headlamp thingoes and a Bluetooth speaker. Probably something else I've forgotten later.

I've had a 5 day weekend. Outlook is a mess. Which bit of "Out of Office" confused people?

I shall be heading to , WA at end of week.
Any recommendations on things to do there?

Worst start ever
Wordle 465 5/6


Chose the wrong time to go to computer shop. Been queuing for 20 mins

Whoever in my house did this, what were you thinking?!?

Seems the pav my mate made did not do well in the car journey over

Current status confirmed as BBQ, beef, beer

Win: Meeting I didn't want to have today is on Friday. I am on leave Friday.
Loss: My router continues to be a little bitch and needs to watch out lest I hit the "Buy" button on its younger, prettier, faster model that has more antennas/ae.

My mother is _rewatching_ The Funeral and I can hear it from other end of the house through at least 3 walls. Strange lady.

Sweet. My new Gin & Tonic shower gel arrived. That'll get my mornings going.

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