Well-dressed woman on bus just took a goon bag out of her handbag for a big glug. You can't buy class like that Perth peeps.

Facebook developed from an Ivy League university webpage, but it would have been so much better if our society's monstrous imposition had developed from the Red Panda Finder instead


So that's fun. Contractors yesterday managed to flood our 11th floor office while testing fire hydrants. Now I have to put up with industrial blowers cranked up.

I've just watched a man pour diet Coke into a single malt. I am done

New guy who's started in the office today is one of those men who have a beard but really don't suit it.

Seems there's an anti-vaxxers demonstration on in town. I thought we were better than that, Perth.

oh ffs. some dude i don't know has just hotdesked opposite me. i cbf striking up a conversation today. Headphones on. Also, the guy whose desk it is will get super-pissy when he finds his stuff's been rearranged.

I'm looking at my colleague looking at me. And I'm wondering, does he know just how hungover I am?

Mr 7. Was found by a nice neighbour playing chicken with traffic after school. Still working on suitable punishment

Gah. Drink man who wants to bum cigarettes has joined our table

'kit. It's got to 3pm and I've not really found my groove for wanting to do any actual work yet. I do have a very pretty graph to show for today though. Gonna call today "done" and sack it off.

Bus driver offered almost embarrassingly-grovelly apology for being 4 minutes late. I'd barely noticed and wasn't in that much of a hurry to get to work anyways.

All day. All freakin day unpicking someone else's mess. And it's me that got the "please explain".

Bus driver just missed a turn. Which might be ok if we weren't in a twisty residential area, and in a bendy-bus.

@Quokka You're familiar with the DNS haiku?

It's not DNS.
There's no way it's DNS.
It is DNS.

Nod: @novshmozkapop

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