Just caught a moth WITH MY BARE HANDS.
Tremble before me winged assailants!

I'm still hungover to fuck and have got 5 or so hours of work to do online now. Send shittoots

I didn't make it home before the wife called with all sorts of anger. Change of plan I AM going to the office tomorrow or I'm gonna be in all sorts of doodoo

My visitor wants to go home. If only he knew where he is staying. Appernelty "north" won't cut it

Frankly there's no way I'm making it to the office tomorrow. I'm way past curfew and some chump* has just ordered another bottle of wine.


Pub Club sees me in the city centre. Strap in, this could get messy

Right. Having spent two hours looking through old doco and tickets to work out where someone's installed something, I've come to the conclusion that fuck it, I'm off home.

Oh dear. One of my Pub Club attendees has an out-of-town visitor staying. Consequently he's suggesting an inner-city venue for tonight. He never goes into town. This is either going to be an evening that ends disappointingly early or we'll still be going full beans well into tomorrow. I shall dress for both possibilities.

Can't decide whether to come into the office tomorrow.
Pros - peace and quiet away from Mr 6 and Miss 1 Month. Lunchtime hangover lunch. A free beer. Can have headphones on all day. Will be present for Easter raffle draw.
Cons - have to get dressed and act vaguely personable. Hungover bus journey. Will miss out on Easter raffle draw.

'Crazy bat lady' spends $1,000 a week to keep her furry charges alive Rebecca Koller spends four hours a day chopping up fruit for the 600 bats in her care, and that's not the half of it. But despite the endless toil, she says it's a very rewarding life. abc.net.au/news/2019-04-17/car #VeterinaryMedicine #AnimalBehaviour #HumanInterest #MentalHealth #Animals

Look, if I want to still have Windows XP dinosaur scheme mouse cursors in 2019, I will.

Feel I've accomplished something today - flu shot done

Ha! Co-worker just asked me if I have an eraser. I replied, "No, I don't make mistakes".
He threatened to hit me.

My colleague next to me rarely gives too many fucks. Just noticed that right now he's streaming GoT. I will end him if he reveals spoilers.

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