Nice surprise this morning - my "best friend at work" has been working onsite at a customer for a year or so. He rocked up into office today and is back.

Date night tonight! Ditching the kids and going to Fremantle for an overnight stay. Not far, but still a break!

For those in Western Australia, the Perth Concert Hall will be showing Metropolis with live pipe organ music on Halloween evening. Ticket sales have just opened today.

Waking up to find America's even more fucked than yesterday seems to be the norm now.

In a meeting that is a) not what they said it would be about and b) running way over time

Took boy to interview for high school. He only mildly fidgeted. Got an offer though.

My uber driver appears to be doing a Macca's drive through on way to me, is this normal?

Have to take the boy to an interview for a school in the morning. Must not get drunk.

A parcel I need for the weekend was supposed to express arrive yesterday.
It arrived at Welshpool 30 minutes ago.
RIP my weekend.

In-n-Out burgers are "popping-up" in Perth today for one day only. Something about keeping their trademark current. There are actually people who will queue for hours in the rain for a fast-food burger.

In exciting Quokka-land, new anti-perspirant and moisturiser for me should arrive today. Been very hard to find ones that meet the criteria. Hopefully missus isn't allergic to these ones. Especially as am taking her away for night on Saturday.

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woke up, crashed my internet router, dropped my phone. cracking start to the day.
hello tooters.

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