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His majesty also sends his floofy paws for everyone to admire :blobcataww:

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My new fav shirt :blobcatdevil:

Me bad want pingas now. Me sick. So choose me, Mr Gurns.

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Nintendo switch friend code and my ACNH dream address :ablobcatwave:

If anyone wants to be frens that is :blobcatAnime:

Otherwise, please feel free to disregard :blobcat:

Such a busy Sunday for me.

Been up and about running errands and doing chores. Managed to grab a stool at Officeworks so I can sit properly when I practice the bass.

I also saw SO MANY DOGGOS going for their walks and I made friends with one outside the shops. He was crying cos his owner had to leave him outside to shop, so I went and comforted him :blobcatheart:

Packet says sheet/tissue mask and a bunch for chemicals and buzz words.

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Watching Grand Sumo and using a skin care face mask or whatever they are called, idk they were on special πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

No, I have spent 6hrs playing animal crossing :blobcatreading:

Like, who would even??


Grocery shopping complete.

Went to a small shops so I wouldn't have to deal with the amount of people black friday shopping πŸ™ƒ

Now I am dressed in trackies and hubs oversized tee, drinking coke and about to start up animal crossing :blobcatafternoon:

How is everyone's day/night going so far?

In case you've missed him since his last pic :flipdog:

He has since buried himself under a floofy blanket and won't be making another appearance any time soon.


(packet) Chips on bread.

That is all.

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Really annoyed I can no longer abbreviate Wireless Access Point in business communications without checking with HR first.

Another TKD class complete.

4 weeks until grading.

Gotta up the training and studying πŸ₯‹πŸ’ͺ🏻

Also, I still can't feel my finger tips 🀣

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Bass practice complete.

Today I have learnt the opening bit from Bad to The Bone :blobcatdevil:

Morning frens!

Have an absolutely wonderful day :ablobcatrave:

Tis now thundering here too β›ˆ

Good thing His Royal Doge is not the least bit bothered by storms.

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In other news, it is absolutely chucking it down here in Sydney πŸŒ§β˜”οΈ

This means his doggo highness will refuse to vacate his throne to go wee wee’s and will instead be using his bladder of steal power to hold onto any pee until the rain ceases.


What's up, dogbutt? :annoyingdog:

He is soundly asleep 🀣 all I can hear is teeny tiny snoozles.

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I'm great at multi-tasking - I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once.

2km's on the treadie done. Studied ITF stuff for grading. Showered and fresh.

Now watching School of Rock.

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