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twitter changes is starting our own fundraising campaign for the fire services in the coming weeks.

It's the only thing I can do.

*barely* finished "Into The Breach" on my switch as rusting hulks - where if i took one more damage to the power grid the game was over - saved by a resist RNG from enemy attack.

and that was "easy" mode. *phew*

this game kicks my ass but i love it :)

Fixed the Dyson vaccum cleaner wall mount, as it had come almost totally off. Last time I trust the packed in materials

fucking fireworks going off outside in an adelaide suburb during a total fire ban

fucking idiots


there's something amazing about chinese websites and the clipart they include

gremlins 2 is profoundly weird

robert picardo gon' fuck a gremlin

crossing the streams but worth it 

Finished watching "The Big Short" today.

hell of a film.

follow up thought: what happens when the fire is near a bunnings. 🤔

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