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After four years, I've put 10 reasons down on why Twitter users should move to @Mastodon without losing their twitter
friends. Sound weird? Let me explain.

Today I learned that the original commmodore 64, my intro to computing - “granny’s garden” is available for iOS. Tempted to drop $6 on it

Apple notification⌚️: "Check your rings"
My brain🧠: "and by ring I mean butthole"

Hi welcome to 2022 we send audio over optical connections and the most popular new video interconnect is the serial port. Here's your wireless touchpad. The easiest way to transfer data between two computers in the same room is via someone else's computer hundreds of miles away. Have a normal day

'“Regulator very grumpy, yet modest levels of enforcement,” notes from the presentation read.'
evergreen quote


Uber knew it launched illegally in Australia, then leaned on governments to change the law


Starship troopers is on Disney plus

Tonight on sick sad world

Today 7 people are facing court for outrageous charges from NSW Police.

2 of these people are Max & Tim, denied bail & held in prison for planning to resist Australia’s climate destruction.

No one should be kept in a cage.

Everybody should welcome @Blockadeaustralia to the Fediverse and the first verified organisation to join!

Personally I think their cause is very worthy, and it's worth getting their head around how this place works.

It's confirmed now that they're legit (you can check their website/s). Sorry everyone I got a bit paranoid. Given the nature of identity on mastodon it was worth the wait!

thanks to the tech support team there for being understanding.

Hello! I'm Semaphore :)

In a nutshell, I spend my time being a dad, a step-dad, a partner, a worker, a volunteer, a friend, and tired. I really enjoy playing games & computer games with my friends and the kids, and doing the odd creative project, usually some kind of music or writing.

I'm here for chilled chat and general fun nonsense. :) I'm also looking into a Raspberry Pi or something similar to run a Gemini server and perhaps a Pixelfed instance.

In the last year I've settled on using a pseudonym for a couple of reasons;

First, I find I self-censor in strange ways when I feel I'm in hyper-public environments. I've had cause to be in hyper-public positions during my volunteering, and at least locally, I am again now. This is fine, but I seem to always avoid Crossing The Streams with different parts of my life. With a pseudonym I've found liberty in talking about the merits of community work, ethical non-monogamy, and Minecraft, all in the same few minutes and with the same people.

Secondly, I have a nostalgia for late-90s internet. The way I see it is, as imperfect as it was, the barriers to its use necessarily created a community of people interested in broadly similar things, and this shared experience made us much less prone to creating or perpetuating the flaming latrine-pit we now endure in almost all shared spaces on our beloved internet. And we, if you remember, never used our government names.

@Posty @Blockadeaustralia This article doesn't really answer our question. We checked out the website too & understand the point of blockades quite well, but the question is what specifically is *anti-colonial* about this

Blockade Australia is new to Mastodon!

We will make this space active with toots soon, but shoot this profile a dm if you've got suggestions on how best we use Mastodon :)

You can find out more about on the website here:

Stay tuned and keep the raging!

my 5 yr old enjoys watching black midi video's, in particularly "Rush E" with the E's
he's jumping around pretending to be the chaos

at least it's getting energy out

@Posty @Quokka @Blockadeaustralia This might be legit. The registration email is the same one as their FB profile... Who knows :psyduck:

written 4000 words on "why you should join mastodon" lol

survived another mygov new message, thoughts and prayers to the rest of you

@Blockadeaustralia you either have comms issues or you're a fake.
thanks for joining on a day i could verify with the actual activists.

are you a cool guy
talking about gamestop
definitely not a cop

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oh man @Blockadeaustralia are on - I just audibly laughed in my kitchen.

Can you post on your twitter as well about it after you've done your post so we can confirm this isnt a cop masquerading

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