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my 5 yr old enjoys watching black midi video's, in particularly "Rush E" with the E's
he's jumping around pretending to be the chaos

at least it's getting energy out

@Posty @Quokka @Blockadeaustralia This might be legit. The registration email is the same one as their FB profile... Who knows :psyduck:

written 4000 words on "why you should join mastodon" lol

survived another mygov new message, thoughts and prayers to the rest of you

@Blockadeaustralia you either have comms issues or you're a fake.
thanks for joining on a day i could verify with the actual activists.

are you a cool guy
talking about gamestop
definitely not a cop

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oh man @Blockadeaustralia are on - I just audibly laughed in my kitchen.

Can you post on your twitter as well about it after you've done your post so we can confirm this isnt a cop masquerading

nicked from FB - "Disney Misfits and Acquired Intellectual Property-core"

trying to organise with people who don't have children that a month in advance is a perfectly normal amount of time to plan ahead.

it ain't so free and easy for us.


Twitter bs 

“I would have decided to be a real nice person if the internet losers weren’t so mean to me 😢”
What do you want dude, a medal
Corrupt motivations much

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Twitter bs 

RT It’s actually not, it’s a question, that without you losers all piling on might have resulted in a free phone and a saving on mobile plan… but all you dickheads just ruin the internet - as normal… have a great day - try smiling for once


@Posty Let me know when you post the article!

That said, I am glad @Gargron spoke out against “mob rule” which can be dangerous (cue Salem Witch trials).

I currently use @mastohost for my instance but it’s good to see other companies like @support that allow someone to create their own video/photo social network (along with Mastodon).

I currently use Vimeo & Instagram (barely for both) but I will checkout alternatives.

I'm not happy with how the Wil Wheaton situation was resolved. An admin was overwhelmed with frivolous reports about him and felt forced to exile him. I've said before that I think it sets a dangerous precedent on how a large group of people can mobilize to drive anyone off the fediverse. Mob rule is universally dangerous: Mods and admins must examine evidence and decide based on wrongdoing and danger, and not on how many times someone was reported.

I've written a draft to try and start a movement to get people away from for-profit Twitter, and towards the more community focused fediverse.
Who would like to read my draft so far?

@Posty yo dawg we herd you like diprotodon throwing a plane so we put a plane diprotodon on your diprotodon plane so you can shoot while you toot

When the supply of chips from Taiwan stops, we can’t just offer higher wages to tempt workers to quit their jobs as Uber drivers and come to work in a chip factory. Chip shortages aren’t being driven by workers demanding outrageous wages, quitting their jobs to play video-games and live off their stimmies. Shortages aren’t being driven by an unwillingness of chip companies to offer competitive wages to get workers into their factories. The workers aren’t trained and the factory doesn’t exist.

For decades, US policy-makers have deliberately pursued a strategy of moving “low value-add” industries offshore. The underlying ideology of this move is that if the market doesn’t attribute high valuations to a process or product, then we can safely assume that we can hand off that work to someone else.

But markets have clearly mispriced these “low value-add” activities and products. There’s actually a bigger shortage in the low-end chip market (embedded chips used in cars, appliances, etc) than in the high-end chip market. Not coincidentally, products that integrate low-end chips are experiencing high inflation. These chips may be “low value-add” but they’re definitely not low-value.

Inflation is caused by too little capacity

Time for a (re)introduction to the Fediverse.

Howdy. I'm Matthew, aka Hyper.

To surmise my existence in this forsaken reality:

🇦🇺 I'm Australian, hailing from South Australia - the forgotten state.
💬 Chronic shitposter. I meme and give -1 fuqs.
🤬 Chronic profanity user. Chronic may be an understatement.
🎮 Life-long gamer. First learned to cheat in videogames with Duckhunt putting the NES IR gun against the glass of the TV for ez win at the age of 3.
🎨 Graphic designer. I spend too much time in Photoshop.
🎞️ Animator. Also spend too much time in After Effects.
👨‍💻 Software developer. For my job, I develop in .NET, but I plan on diving into .ORG and .COM soon.
🎥 YouTube content creator. Primarily livestreams, but the occasional video and podcast when inspiration strikes.

I'm into metal, usually the symphonic deathmetal variety from bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse or Septicflesh, but also into Synth/Darkwave Electronic.

I'm also ADHD. I was diagnosed as a kid, but through some piss poor advice from now former family members I stopped my treatment at 14 and got myself rediagnosed in 2020. It explains a lot.

This banger never fails to get the energy bopping.

You can find me at the links below.



Any questions, feel free to ask.

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