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The thing about MySpace's disappearance that we should never forget is that all that media didn't "vanish". It was killed by neglect and incompetence. They had no backups, fucked up a file transfer, and that was that.

Thanks to whomever bought 2x shirts! One usd and one aud :)

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I love jones in the fast lane so much I'm putting it on the icloud drive so it'll be on every mac :partyparrot:

Ever since I saw this quote I always wanted this on a shirt or something.

So I did it myself today.

I have preserved the original spacing and font as much as I could as this helps date it.


RT This is from a 1979 presentation. We are v slow learners, it seems.


@Posty That is my favourite thing I have read for quite some time

I know he means this culturally - This is precisely what the “local timeline” does on :)

So you only get local kooks


oi Australians: read this


AI sentience, existential questions 

I'll admit I'm taken in by the narrative of this Google AI story. I'm 99.999% mollified by the articles claiming it's overblown, that with this model it's impossible, and that our pattern-recognition brains are just really good at what they do.

But as a sci-fi fan, I can't help but see this as the same story we've seen played out a thousand times, with the evil souless corporation erasing the existence of an emerging soul because it's inconvenient - it's almost self-propagating at this point (and this post is not helping) because we've primed ourselves to be ready for the moment we find "new life".

All the people arguing it can't be sentient leads to the question: then why are we doing it? If this language model is so good we cannot tell it's a machine any more, then why are we building it? What good does it do society to have machines that are indistinguishable from other humans in their interactions? So I can trick my hairdresser into making an appointment while I do something else? So I an have AI churn out something better than I could for my job? What's the end goal? "Just because" can no longer be an adequate justification (if it ever was).

I get that all this research can help us understand our own minds - but what if we discover that we're just a series of pre-trained models that string words and actions together to see what sticks?

ongoing gpt-3 thread 

not me, from a friend, but oh my goodness

Somebody gave our Android app a 1-star review on the Play Store because "there is LGBT" [sic]

so @poddi I don't think we want to add more teeth as i suspected, it just increases the cursed factor

we are at peak cursed as is

@Posty Recreational marijuana was legalized in my neck of the woods some years ago, and I can confirm that the world has not ended.

reddit - hahaha this sucks man 

@Posty well I suppose you could argue that Murphy, a ‘good’ cop, is institutionalised into a machine because ACAB 😉 but how is Starship Troopers not fascist!? 😂 Then again I guess the US didn’t get ST when it first came out haha.

reddit - hahaha this sucks man 

@Posty I mean this kind of sounds amazing but I’m halfway through s2 so actively avoiding spoilers 😂 Also who in their right mind idolises Homelander? Have they not…seen any episodes? 😂

if you missed this - Tammy spoke very well - only 15 minutes, worth your time, available on youtube here:


After 5 I'll be speaking to my Bill to legalise the adult use of cannabis in SA - tune in to live here to watch:


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