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Rating, 4/5 - a bit of frontal spice with a beefy full broth. Noodles have a lovely mouthfeel and retain heat amazingly.

1 off because I Still like nissin kyushu black better :)

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I think I got more than I bargained for
Oh I’ll just read the instructions


Think I just saw at newton drakes in a hurry

"Dug" from Up is an adorable character and I'm glad he got his own little mini series on disney with "Dug Days".

I am a genius.
I remember thinking “well I’m never going to upgrade the ram in this machine again” and thinking that was just because it was a pain in the arse. Not only is it a pain, but I have given myself zero tolerance for nought but the smallest ram. Refund/exchange time :(

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respect the patience of the msy clerk who had to explain to me how much worse capitalism has made the RAM market has gotten since I interacted with it. Upgrades a crapshoot - brands mean ~nothing now, and compatibility even within brands are only guaranteed via version numbering.

I apparently need to clarify my yardstick for availability is MSY

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Lol you can't even buy internal blu-ray writer drives from MSY anymore

external yes

i mean, i understand external is way more flexible but still

had a go at 'blade and sorcery'

quite fun to have two swords and just waiting until they strike and you just lean in and whoops, you just got stabbed.

did it in months


less angry shitposting / publish a book challenge 2021; please hold me to it

Joined letterboxd if you’d like to see my pedestrian takes

Ping signwriter ripped off again


A THREAD on The Beatles' logo. Most people probably recognise it - a very simple design made distinctive by the drop "T" in the middle.

current mood: writing automation to deploy vendor software

Stickers no touchie


So are you a "the stickers on my laptop must not touch" infosec person or a "the stickers are all overlapping, absolute chaos" infosec person?

History rocks


You mean to tell me that in 1986 someone stole a Picasso from a gallery in Melbourne, leaving a ransom note for the Arts Minister—who was also the Police Minister—telling him to increase arts funding by 10% and create a new art prize or they’d destroy it? WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS

“How many times have you had to point people to this chart?”

CSR: “oh so many. I’ve lost count.”
Me: “oh that’s sad.”
CSR: “yeah and if they come in now we can’t even enforce it, the manager said if they’re going to do it, they’re going to do it.”

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vm snapshots are marvellous for testing purposes. love 'em.

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