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Yay I got my cyber rating stickers! Don’t often get mail addressed via 😁
Thanks again!

I have a internet of things mouse trap and you need to name the trap

Uh ok

Cheers for this valuable reminder

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I think may have filled their own dacks

The public demands details
*bangs fist on porcelain*

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Hi - fridges are broken on the energy rating website.

Your refrigerator isn’t running. Yuk yuk.

Ok I have been informed that the bezosflix version of evangelion has been RE DUBBED AGAIN for *shrug** reasons??? wants to watch from 1.11 and ughhhbh ok

Mad that Netflix doesn’t have the sam raimi Spider-Man 1 but does have the sequels
*shakes fist at*


I always thought the text was weirdly way too formal, and in addition would never fast forward it because everyone else in the room would want to. ah the era of one remote.

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just thinkin bout the vhs anti piracy ad and the 'wasn't quite right' definitely needs 2 get sampled in something.

Also, we rented so many tapes i can basically recite this verbatim - and did so at my house purely to annoy my parents or whoever was there.

Lol android is a cesspit


I’ve been getting heaps of these dodgy text messages.. I know I’m not alone. So I asked and they solved the mystery!!

The year is 2025

There are five browser cores:
- webkit
- chromium
- gecko
- servo
- youtube-dl, which ended up implementing a full-fledged browser in python to keep successfully downloading videos

Lol the census scheduled a tweet a day early on their notification service. Note the Twitter agent, wonder how much was paid for this.

RT It’s time to complete your Census. By now, you should have received instructions on what to do. Complete online, by paper or with help from us. Visit or opt out at any time by replying

Because my friends are having stupid nerd fights about what platform to have arguments on, I decided to look at irc for the first time in about 15 years. Lol I can’t even connect because of ssl rules I don’t understand and are poorly explained

Who else is putting the census off until the night just to see if they fuck up load management again?

Watching “future war” on bezosflix and it’s about people in the present recognising an imminent threat on their grandchildren and literally putting themselves in the firing line to prevent it

and it’s very clearly a fantasy

So now this is free, if you google you can find out the phone number for any pay phone box across Australia. Instant phone numbers for homeless everywhere. I won’t link because Telstra previously had the links removed elsewhere.


Payphones are an iconic part of our community. To make them accessible to everyone, we’re making them free for calls across Australia

My YouTube reccomendations:
“Hi, it’s, and, and this is STEM jackass”
*explosion intensifies*

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