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os x time machine backups are SO SLOW and take forever to even 'prepare backup' oh god i hate it

Got Slime Rancher working over steam link on mr 4's iPad. He thinks I'm amazing now. Explained that it will only work at home (might work over remote but probably not well).

having a crack installing redhat 8 on my macbook pro for funsies

So morty just basically became the avatar by murder and then never used the powers cool cool

My parents are antique dealers and has caused me to notice have a toxic nostalgia of “things were better back then”.
It wasn’t for a lot of things. Not every experience I had had is valuable in the future. Some things are best left behind.

Eat shit, is what happened in the human centipede

So are asking in app for donations
You kinda burnt my goodwill to think about it because of your dip into cryptocurrency

Going through videos on and after seeing his scambaiting video, I think Joel needs to watch’s catalogue, showing how after a slight scraping at the surface of why scammers scam reveal global inequality is at the root.

The radiologist looks at you weird when you want a copy of the source slice data from your ct scan.

He thought I wanted a printout first, how charming.

“Please help one of the richest people on the planet” like yeah I can but fuck no don’t involve me in your job

I plan to never leave another review, I must have been in a charitable mood

Me: yay no accidents today mr 4
Him: do the song
Me: what. Oh *laughs*
*sings FF victory theme*
Him: yay!
This is’s doing

Just remember, according to the govt, only criminals used encrypted chat- but if you’re a minister and delete your encrypted chats either by action or platform policies - literally no repercussions occur. 🤔


Payne's office said they couldn't find any messages. So I appealed to the OAIC.

After a long long time, the decision came back yesterday basically saying (again) soz, not our problem if the messages no longer exist. We don't enforce the Archives Act.

Installed ssh and rsync on windows 10, but for the life of me I couldn’t get it to work with the spaces in directories, didn’t respect any quotes.
Frustrated because I knew it was a windows system, thought “what about dos 8.3 prefix? Ah yes, progra~2

Totally dumb, but works

If you follow me and would like to join me and some buds in VR on thursday nights at 8pm ACST, dm me and we can see if it works :)

Important jab question:
Do you
look at the needle going in
Look away from the needle going in

Mr nearly 4
“I dont want peanut butter on toast, I want plain toast!”
Previously stated no objection when I mentioned it
“Oh *turns bread over* this side is plain!”
*looks at it, takes toast, starts eating*
Half a slice down now

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