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Fun fact, in my teens nobody was allowed to say the word cunt in our house - the only caveat - unless it was in reference to John Howard and I can confirm it made me feel better too

A disturbance in the timeline. As if thousands of bad takes cried out and were suddenly silenced.

This is how I found out princey ded
Vry sed


princey philip ded et a in a very racest way

Is it just me, but dysons new vacuum cleaner laser is legit an innovation, but I am expecting like a thousand cheap Chinese clones with lasers now. We have a Dyson and I’d like an after market one with just the laser.

I wish I had enough energy and time as Apple bath to post on that many alt accounts

Intensely selfish. She will never change unless it comes from within. If she wouldn’t change for her son why would she do it for her grandson. It’s just intensely sad and maddening at the same time.

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I would “find” one for her to bring normality back. Now that I have a kid. I don’t think I could have held out on my son with that argument. But looking back now, knowing about second hand and third hand smoke - my mum saying “well you turned out fine”. I realised my mother is

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I hid all the lighters in the house. We had an electric stove, but a wood fire. This worked for a lot longer because a lighter only magically appeared when we needed to heat the house. Seeing my mum get really anxious about not finding one & getting upset & it causing arguments..

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The only response remembered “well you gotta die of something”. This didn’t sit well with me, I wanted my mum to be healthy. I didn’t know about addictions. So I did took my mum’s cigarettes on the sly and hid them. That made her angry. Not one to give up on my mum who I loved...

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Story time about my mother because I feel like it: when I learnt in primary school that smoking gives you cancer, and I knew my mum smoked - I immediately went home and said to mum “stop! Cancer is bad! It can kill you”. I didn’t understand the point of smoking. Mum got upset &

My mother is a fucking nightmare of safety. Refuses to believe her house filled with smoke use is a problem for our 3 year old. Selfish to the extreme.

Going to check out gorilla tag in vr in approx 15 mins. Dm me for the private room name.

Yay weekend project done. So glad they stopped at the trilogy amirite

Watched knives out. Loved it. Silly fun. Good for a Friday night.

US: “well give you access to a therapist, professional organisers and removalist trucks and family, literally helping you - but you gotta be on tv”
UK: “these clean freaks are fucked ey, how about we just point them at the people with hoarding problems and have them lecture them”

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