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Decided to schedule the fun because ad how just ain’t workin, see how this goes

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As parents, it’s hard to catch up with friends. I’m lucky enough to have some friends who have virtual reality gear. But it’s been at least a year and we all still haven’t done anything together. Hard not to feel left out. Proves it’s not just the tyranny of distance & COVID.

Silver lining - no sky news?


Effective immediately, news can no longer be shared on Facebook in Australia 😶

attempting to navigate 'jobactive' part of mygov - there appears to be no way to say "I now have a full time permanent role now, please take me off your awful neverending mousewheel" - have a feeling I might just have to call
or just get "breached" with a $0 payment

Shock horror, the shitty company I applied for that I declined to do a drug test for (I’m boringly sober) for a help desk position didn’t go ahead.

When you want to get breached by Lol check this


Receiving a job offer is exciting, but it's often worth taking a minute to ensure it's the right match for you.

Another thing about Centrelink mandatory reporting about jobs, it has a notes field that suggests “oh put like, the URL, maybe what you asked for as a salary” hahah get absolutely fucked

love to apply for 8 jobs mandatorily even though i have a casual full time job and am going to not even get any money from centrelink this week, just here lovin life and being online

that one also asked if i'd be willing to submit to a drug and alcohol test



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this last one, no shit just asked me to click on a 'do you agree with this statement about yourself' for 8 goddamn pages

it's clearly a psych test but like i don't have a choice really

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i absolutely hate that every single fucking employer seems to have their own UnIqUe hr job application portal, fucking fire them into the sun - seek was meant to make applications easier for fucks sake

apparently if i just tried for the 10th time it would login ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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great, is just looping when i try and login, even though my password is correct - literally no error, as if i never attempted it in the first place. tested on 3 browsers and two devices.

it's stuffed.

Learning how to trace with affinity designer

Jan 26 is renowned for Australians getting annoyed that their ability to sink piss might dare be challenged, literally our first and only military coup - the rum rebellion

gets a before any of the backers 😝

RT comes to the conference

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