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Star Trek bridge crew can break hilariously when doing crossplay between quest and pc. We think it was uplays fault. But when it works it’s still fun and also funny. Great game

Decided to watch “the room” as I have avoided it. I’ve only been watching it for 23 minutes and it feels a lot longer


this btw

posty dude i came here for beat saber and happy neurotransmitters and i found anxiety birb wtf

“Extending” the payment by cutting it again $100.
Frog boiling the unemployed


The Government is extending some of the changes made to our payments because of coronavirus. This is subject to legislation passing. Go to our website for more info:

TIL the bar manager of the crazy horse (strip club in SA) is expected to earn only $25-30 an hour, which i would imagine being way not enough to put up with all the bullshit that job would entail.

well that would have been a good plan except the servers have crapped out, multiple launches, still fails. my net is fine. gave's Hibow a go. it's ok, still like hyper dash better.

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I’m gonna be on the Sydney server around 7:30 - 8:00 pm aest if anyone wants to join me :)

This is not actually a bad idea. I say this as a person who hates car races.


💥'Let's Bring Formula E to Adelaide'💥- our full page ad in today. "Melbourne can keep the Formula One. Our research shows that South Australia is ready to look to the future and host the all-electric, ultramodern," SA Director says

I said i would trumpet this from the rooftops - let's see if it sticks - full details here:

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Congratulations Alexandra of the FOI department at for 'exercising her discretion' waiving a pointless $30 fee for 'search and retrieval' on documents already identified. last time they fought me tooth an nail for less than $15. Maybe better things are possible? 🤷‍♂️

i am such a pack rat, that I keep peoples old numbers in my phone for no reason whatsoever, and then get confused when i need to do the rare ol' POTS phonecall. i think it's the whole "add a number to contact' that doesnt... remove

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