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At the pub because COVID restrictions means I can’t go in emergency with Our little tick cut his hand on glass.

have a GOOD job interview lined up next week

at this point i've done a
a) full page cover letter + resume
b) robot interview
now for a teams interview (due to covid).

feeling good about it.

follow me for more tales of how i debase myself for capitalism!

a job ad seriously just had "we want " in it without a shred of irony and i applied fucking for it because we live in an economy and i must do this to myself to fucking eat

applied for a job and immediately get a sms going "WELCOME TO THE $COMPANY TALENT COMMUNITY" and i

seek link because i thought the cropping would actually include the whole job ad

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whenever I see "psychometric analysis/profiling" involved on a job ad this is a big red flag for me imo.

latest fucked place i've seen it - SA ICAC.

The cynic in me thinks this is just padding her email list, but Im willing to unsubscribe from an email if this actually does make any material influence.

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I can’t stress this enough. You’re honestly being asked for your opinion. Don’t just get angry on Twitter, pointless. Take 1 minute now to make it clear you want Senator Lambie to stop Dutton’s latest trampling of the rights of refugees in detention here:

had to install flash for a video interview. my test site is always

anything is possible on

Decided to turn off Facebook notifications. They’re often pointless “x commented on y” garbage. No need to have the distraction.

Proud of my dad, he’s switching isps and the router they gave him sounds like it’s not preconfigured correctly. He’s managed to plug it all in, get on the wifi, login to the router by himself and only then did he call me. Not bad for a 70+ year old

i laughed and stopped breathing


today in - the wont process a request until someone responds to their request.... asking for an extension of time? just do the bloody work Kamron



The top secret iPod is today's overspill goodies

A specially modified iPod that does "things" developed for the US DOE

A perfect vector. iPods were quite desirable gifts back in the day

the first half was better than the second half imo, but overall still an enjoyable film.


so Doctor Sleep is a long movie - but i'm enjoying it. about half way through, time for sleep!

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