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well it sucked a little less than i thought it would but overall - still sucked.

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have a meeting this morning that i really think is going to suck.

TFW you realise you'll never get a breakdown ever again of internet access method for australia (eg fibre, vdsl, wireless), because only record the nebulous "NBN" vs "Non-NBN". pour one out for the real og's at who did it correctly.

Been watching for like 2 weeks and got weirdly excited when I realised he’s going to the local cashies and that he’s therefore localish. ADL represent

Any journo got a spare $888 to give to the DTA to find out exactly how much the CovidSafe app was a failure from the getgo? asking for this guy

hey now is the time to go wild liking "facial queen" porn tweets, you got a free run babyyyyyyyy

many depts use the "please clarify" method as an excuse to stop requests in their track, often setting time limits on when people can clarify. granted, some requests flat out don't make sense, but it's far too often used as an excuse to not perform the work. good on the abc!

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A hearty commendation for our FOI team. On where they've been asked for something ill defined, ABC asks for clarification - they dont get a reply - but the ABC just goes ahead and actions it to their best understanding! 👏🥳eg

the only positive example i have ever seen of someone being a 'free man on the land' on - a water authority just decided to give up on an FOI application fee (something i think should not exist anyway) rather than deal. good on you steven.

really enjoying using the moonlight nvidia shield streaming client and BigBox mode together. tis a great combination.

spearphishing incarnate


The story of a perfect art heist, via a cartoon by and myself:

john denver - take me home, country roads is fun to play on the guitar

if only i knew where the fuck i put my capo tho

man spike lee makes some long ass movies

they're good though

there really is a fucktonne of bluey merch now

and im ok with it

FYI Aus.Social was broken with Keybase for a few hours, but it's fixed now... and @bestthingsbot is back

More Information here:

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