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boring twitter things 

the only reason im limiting this reply is to show you it's pretty random

RT I’m assuming it’s geographic

aristophanes flinches 

this man tweets like he's huffing his own farts


Satire is a prisma magnus through which the stark and often confronting spectral dimensions of life can be studied through the softening filter of humour. Aristophanes flinches in his grave as a feckless zeitgeist takes hold.

it only took me about 20 years but i finally figured out how to reliably jump-swipe attack in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: the arcade game - NES version so uh ok i have that now

On my quintillionth toddler viewing of wall-e, points out that in universe it was canon they knew it would take hundreds of years for earth to be sustainable again, but sold the mission as short term.


TIL that Bob Hawke was the first who floated the idea for work for the dole, and John Howard almost immediately pounced on the idea to bring it to fruition.

art - the ability to allow me to introduce people to goatse passively continues to this day and beyond

TIL that Duracell make OEM batteries
Does that mean using them on another device breaks licensing 🤔 🤔 🤔

being confused by "ate my balls" pages on yahoo


Without dating yourself what’s the earliest Internet memory that you have?

giving lakka on rpi a go.
it found my ancient playstation > usb controller and worked out of the box

thats nice

“Future man” is a really entertaining show on and you should all watch it


in kin (2018) you don't even get to see what one of the firing modes does on the scifi macguffin device and that is some bullshit

I'm 15 minutes into the netflix doco about trips and is this entire thing going to be about sting getting fucked up

because im ok with that

doing a twitter survey for shits and giggles, i think this says a lot about twitter if this is their idea of a political spectrum

i need this as a counterstrike model


A Priest giving social distance blessings with a squirt pistol and what, I'm assuming, is Holy water. 2020 folks.

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