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played for the first time in a long while. sad to see youtube support removed. googled, saw it was removed in 2018 and 'looking for alternatives'. has there been an update that i've missed? any word?

Boosting for the federation


This has been stuck in my head for the last 24 years

The Internet has changed the way that I consume, were I in my teens and michael moore released a doco for free, I'd have watched that in a heartbeat "to judge myself". now I see people I follow and respect tearing it a new one for glaring inaccuracies-I wont make any time for it.

it's nice to hear chris hemsworth with an australian accent

watching "Action Point" on netflix and it's clearly got inspiration from "Action Park". the loop de loop pretty much seals the deal.

Look, I don't know if anyone NEEDS a shirt with potato gems on it, but it's a thing if you want it.

I look forward to all the battery use screenshots on the rona app

The American LEGO masters is a lot bitchier than the AU one

hadn't played any vr in months - the steam vr interface really is quite nice now

everything about recording analog video > digital... sucks

The film “pitch black” is 20 years old and let’s see if it holds up

watching the jumanji sequel thing, the first one - the game can bloody CHANGE ITSELF AT IT'S WILL - confirmed lament configuration

i watched the whole 20 mins of bernies thing and i kind of get why he did it, but i also don't know why he didn't make more of the 'but i'm still staying on the ballot anyway, hail mary this motherfucker erryone'


Seeing all the back patting and “thanks” and “created a movement we’ll work with” of politicians is more insufferable than them just shutting the fuck up

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