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twitter changes 

when i first saw mastodon's different types of posting, I thought was cool but a little too complicated for most - but at least everything there has the simple rule, if you can read it, you can reply to it.

congrats twitter for fucking that up! is starting our own fundraising campaign for the fire services in the coming weeks.

It's the only thing I can do.

*barely* finished "Into The Breach" on my switch as rusting hulks - where if i took one more damage to the power grid the game was over - saved by a resist RNG from enemy attack.

and that was "easy" mode. *phew*

this game kicks my ass but i love it :)

Fixed the Dyson vaccum cleaner wall mount, as it had come almost totally off. Last time I trust the packed in materials

fucking fireworks going off outside in an adelaide suburb during a total fire ban

fucking idiots


will the pee discourse be around in 2020

i for one hope not

there's something amazing about chinese websites and the clipart they include

gremlins 2 is profoundly weird

robert picardo gon' fuck a gremlin

crossing the streams but worth it 


Finished watching "The Big Short" today.

hell of a film.

follow up thought: what happens when the fire is near a bunnings. 🤔

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i wonder how long it is until some fireys are just going to get pissed the fuck off and pull an ultra-karen and talk to the manager of the bunnings to invoice scott morrison.

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