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I am reading a thread of old memes. Here’s some I like still.

The office of the information commissioner called me today - dhs have a “revised decision” to deliver but my email didn’t work for stupid reasons now fixed.

The stuff I asked for still ain’t available so I wonder what.

I have “Lambert, the sheepish lion” in my head because of mr 2 and YouTube

ozark is a show that just keeps on upping the stakes, it's amazing it keeps going as it does, just a giant house of cards.

finally my xbox controller works on apple tv, and it's now a viable steamlink setup. having a dedicated ios only controller was so stupid and it's annoying that they clearly only did this to enable 'apple arcade'.


fuck, check and update past income, online compliance initiative, dress it up however the fuck you like -you're still creating a debt because of LACK of YOUR SOURCE information. if people dont engage, you create a debt automatically. it's a robo debt.

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Here is what Liberal senator Hollie Hughes told community legal centres at today's Senate inquiry hearing on the term . A bit similar to Scott Morrison saying people were causing the climate strike students anxiety by discussing climate change?

Buffet/all you can eat is now called “choose your own adventure food” -

i fucken love me some ant content

I would have preferred not to nap but this is what my body does now. Trying not to ignore natural signs of needing sleep

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