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I am reading a thread of old memes. Here’s some I like still.

The office of the information commissioner called me today - dhs have a “revised decision” to deliver but my email didn’t work for stupid reasons now fixed.

The stuff I asked for still ain’t available so I wonder what.

I have “Lambert, the sheepish lion” in my head because of mr 2 and YouTube

ozark is a show that just keeps on upping the stakes, it's amazing it keeps going as it does, just a giant house of cards.

finally my xbox controller works on apple tv, and it's now a viable steamlink setup. having a dedicated ios only controller was so stupid and it's annoying that they clearly only did this to enable 'apple arcade'.



Buffet/all you can eat is now called “choose your own adventure food” -

i fucken love me some ant content

I would have preferred not to nap but this is what my body does now. Trying not to ignore natural signs of needing sleep

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