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Shake yer dix, shake yer dix
(shake yer dix, shake yer dix)
Shake yer dix, shake yer dix


I'm soliciting dick pics at the handle .

This is not a joke.

I am testing a filter that is under development which will automatically detect dick pics in DMs and handle them on behalf of the user (delete, delete&block).

18+ , consensual, human dicks only please.

OK so it's cool that installed a smart meter on our home, which complements the already existing one i have from solaredge.
what's not cool?
1) completely unauthenticated access to the data (not posting the link)
2) no ability to view weekly data AND monthly data.

gritty robin hood remake on netflix?

booyah *play*

todays venture in what calls "retromancy" - I have restored our UPS to working order, and got another camcorder battery that actually works.

Putting a sticker over a computer menu because you don’t know how to change the menu is very 2019

so i just got up to 'reptile' completely by accident on my SNES and got totally owned and I made take a picture of it because I wasn't streaming

very 90s areas today

First thing said this morning:
“Want to watch wall-eeeeee”


Today's nap-refusal yelling: WALL-E! WALL-EEEEEEEEEE

if you tweet amazon ring tech support they address you as "neighbour"

why are americans so weird

called tech support - spoke to a great operator. however Amazon management may want to re-acquaint themselves with australian consumer law, advising customers that they only have a warranty of 1 year when the expected life is 12 years is not a good look.

this is very good discussion.


“Your policy is the only policy that I have seen in my lifetime that matches up with the policy of what was the Poor People’s Campaign.”

With's help, we're going to complete the political revolution.

We bought a kitchenaid artisan stand mixer, and they have a crapton of attachments for an ad in the box. wanted to know what the cost of their ecosystem is.
retail? a cool $3705


right after i joined mastodon i saw a post (idr who it was from) that said smthn like "it's really painful how things like art and dancing are considered something you have to be good at instead of things that all humans do, as naturally as eating or breathing" and i think about that all the time. the things that we naturally do have been commodified and portrayed as somethint to struggle for, as things that only The Best are allowed to do. when without that pressure, we would all just do them??

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