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Welp- I never used whatsapp but not gonna do it now even for compatibility


'Five Eyes' nations discuss backdoor access to WhatsApp

Bought myself Mortal Kombat for the snes because I’ve been playing a lot of it. It was the first arcade game I ever played at home - I have an affinity for it :)

have an idea for a mastodon bot... or bots - will let you know how it goes. :)

log and squash a bug
log and squash a bug
log and squash a bug now


Don’t deploy on Fridays, friends


since this is getting some love - I figure people would also like great addition that needs more love.

Hey figured you should see this - because van won’t lol

CW: John Howard 

what the fuck is this


This is Marty the robot. He monitors employees at Stop and Shop to prevent them from organizing. Marty was put in place a few days after the workers' strike.

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending nor beginning
On an ever-spinning reel

Schrödinger’s surveillance
Where they want you to know you’re being watched but not enough so that you can rely on it in a legal fashion to protect yourself.

I am playing mortal kombat on mame, standard difficulty but with save states and trying to beat the game on one credit, the computer is kicking my ass but I'm up to endurance match 2. was pretty smooth sailing until mirror match

because you have to title everything on Redbubble I'm calling this "Accessibility is a Human Right" - inspired by's call to signal the rights of people with to seats on public transport. It's public domain, other version on my TL.

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