I mean, this is wrong - but if this is your argument- surely politicians must uninstall all those apps they use

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Been thinking about this headline all of yesterday and also, all of today as well zdnet.com/article/acic-believe

Watched child’s play 2019 - never saw the original- I liked about 60% of the film, but they spent a lot of time showing chucky as this semi-tragic empathetic character only to squander it when it’s like “oh we better get to some mayhem or the crowd will be mad” levels

Just retweeeting so the crowd know that Shawn woods videos are flat out being stolen to sell cheap knock offs of a small companies product - rinne traps - rinnecorp.com

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🐁A bucket of rats can be filled in one night.
Get yours👉lyndex.co/E4068

The receiver developers aren’t taking any shit from valve, but I’m not quite sure what they want from the lawsuit?

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According to this extract from the Valve monopoly lawsuit, publishers can't sell their products with lower prices on competitor stores, or Valve will remove or threaten to remove their products from Steam. This is the behavior of a monopolist in control over an entire industry:

I still love this picture

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@WarWraith@twitter.com @Microsoft@twitter.com @Windows@twitter.com I have strong opinions on this

I just spent about 45 minutes talking to a guy from Quebec while fishing in vr and honestly the best gaming experience in ages.

Fun fact, in my teens nobody was allowed to say the word cunt in our house - the only caveat - unless it was in reference to John Howard and I can confirm it made me feel better too @JeffKennett@twitter.com news.com.au/national/politics/

A disturbance in the timeline. As if thousands of bad takes cried out and were suddenly silenced.

This is how I found out princey ded
Vry sed

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princey philip ded et a in a very racest way

@twiddlekins agree I don’t need statistics on dust

We have a v11 absolute, the ergonomics are trash as a short head use vacuum but as a floor vacuum they’re fine imo.

Is it just me, but dysons new vacuum cleaner laser is legit an innovation, but I am expecting like a thousand cheap Chinese clones with lasers now. We have a Dyson and I’d like an after market one with just the laser.

I wish I had enough energy and time as Apple bath to post on that many alt accounts

@mike because I’m an idiot and I want my mum not like

Not die, she weirdly insisted on a present for her bday... so

I did buy her a Birthday present last year of a Juul vape with original tobacco flavour.

She flat out told me it tastes and feels *exactly* like cigarettes... but won’t quit cigs because “it’s one of the few things I have left” for some weird fucking nostalgia kick. I’m not good with unreasonableness.

Intensely selfish. She will never change unless it comes from within. If she wouldn’t change for her son why would she do it for her grandson. It’s just intensely sad and maddening at the same time.

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I would “find” one for her to bring normality back. Now that I have a kid. I don’t think I could have held out on my son with that argument. But looking back now, knowing about second hand and third hand smoke - my mum saying “well you turned out fine”. I realised my mother is

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I hid all the lighters in the house. We had an electric stove, but a wood fire. This worked for a lot longer because a lighter only magically appeared when we needed to heat the house. Seeing my mum get really anxious about not finding one & getting upset & it causing arguments..

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The only response remembered “well you gotta die of something”. This didn’t sit well with me, I wanted my mum to be healthy. I didn’t know about addictions. So I did took my mum’s cigarettes on the sly and hid them. That made her angry. Not one to give up on my mum who I loved...

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