I’ve done it
I’ve found the most awkward way to listen to nine inch nails ift.tt/2Y4uVgA

ping @StoryBots@twitter.com

RT @Tarale@twitter.com

Yeah, I definitely got carried away. So, the crayola pencils are alright I guess. ift.tt/2GmxBjM

It is I, Liam:Hogan, the flesh entity and corporate being

Lost my :birdsite: appeal. If I only could take it to the High Court and self-represent. Maybe talk about Magna Carta and the fringes on the Australian flag

@mrcrilly I just don’t recall the last time I’ve used it. Works nicely

@mrcrilly because I do like it when it works

Which it does most of the time for me

I just spent like 15 minutes figuring out how to burn a dvd iso in os x because they removed it from finder. ended up using hdiutil

fuckin' apple, gone to shit since the dickhead died

@greyor @Tarale we have a win 3.11 virtualbox install that can connect to the internet because I was bored once.

@BernieTB this is precisely why i leave my steam pc on all the damn time. need to automate some shutdown/startup times tho

@belljar it was the closest doovdé I could find that I would be ok with getting scratched to shit because i tried the internal drive first

Party like it’s 2001

Need to get some FireWire devices working

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