Hey @reddit@twitter.com - why is illnessfakers reccomended to anybody?


Didn’t know you were into water sports @Anne_Ruston@twitter.com

Oh you’re pissing on stick to deprive people of their needed resources based on your morality

That’s disgusting

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That’s right. I was tested this morning just like the millions of other Australians who are drug tested each year as a requirement of their employment. twitter.com/jenbechwati/status

ping @Volceltaire@twitter.com

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Yet somehow, we managed...

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go look at @shaunmicallef@twitter.com's TL and take notes


Chanting “log out”


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Gig economy workers find creative ways to turn apps against their bosses … and more from the week of 11 September 2019 - eepurl.com/gC3USn

"hi, welcome to the @chaser@twitter.com war on deleting our own posts"

am i the only one who thinks that maybe this should just be the default setting instead of adding another layer of technology bullshit that can fail for a multitude of reasons?

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At some Singapore intersections you can swipe your Senior’s Card and the crossing light will stay green for a little longer, giving you extra time to reach the other side of the road. I find this very touching.

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