This is the most dad thing ever


One of the most rare records I may own from now until the end of time.

I have had bo burnhams “welcome to the internet” song in my head all day and you should too

I’m not mad actually I’m laughing


Australian Prime Minister Says He Didn't Sh*t His Pants at McDonald's in 1997

Mr 4 is having a big cry because he still doesn’t want to be 4 years old, to remain 3 forever. Today’s trigger was the “bigger nappies for 4 year olds”.

Literally no option to pre warn techs of incoming issues. Pain in the arse. Just gonna dump it on them at the time, I bet all that needs to happen is a battery replacement. Let’s see if I’m right.

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I have a trackpad problem with my MacBook Pro. I booked in a session with, they tell me everything I need to do beforehand which I already did, but they won’t let me tell them before the appointment that the battery life is also in need of service. I know these are related

I am booting the entire os off an SD card slot which is rad (but i want to keep my os x install :) ) - i think it has something to do with it tho, because arch linux documents some trouble with this. but it looks like the module mine uses is xhci_plat_hcd

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also, had to disable sleep completely because it fucks up in a magnificent way. sssd_kcm.log goes read only and borks everything.

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I also forgot - I installed a package... to get cpu/gpu fans working. i didn't notice any fans beforehand but i'm not sure. this thread is my version of documentation btw :P

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hey - your app won't update correctly on fedora.
your fedora 34 repository is non-existent. it only goes up to 32. I could point it to 32 but that's probably not a good idea.

also weirdly i get rEFInd to boot osx if i do nothing on boot, and i think a grub loader if i hold option

completely weird, but it works.

I started this at about 11 hours ago. considered functional about 10 minutes ago.
So, I have had a real... linux experience today. whee.

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then I found out the webcam wouldn't work, which turns out can only be enabled through installing an experimental driver that *extracts firmware from osx to even make it work*

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@grumpysmiffy i kinda want to stay in the redhat surrounds so I'm currently installing fedora which has apparently no problem with os x and i kind of wish i did this hours ago, but i did kinda want to do the enterprise one first to see if i can :)

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