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@DarrenODonovan@twitter.com @thesayno7@twitter.com @Asher_Wolf@twitter.com @JeremyPoxon@twitter.com It's bizzare that @ServicesGovAU@twitter.com are replying "deemed refusal" but say they're still working on it

like, is it because they didn't want to ask for YET ANOTHER extension? is it them acknowledging it's not good enough
so weird
Darren pls
@OAICgov@twitter.com what even

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Hey everyone, tell me your best thing of the day.

Mine was my son being inseperable from me today, everywhere i sat he was next to me or on me.

I've been away a bit, think it's his way of saying he missed me.

So I upgraded this laptops internal ssd to a TB drive and it runs by default.
I put the old m2 ssd in this external drive to try and boot off it when I need to use windows.
Can windows 10 even do this? It’s a fully patched and updated install. Bsod :(

There should be more footage of Gervais looking uncomfortable

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Garry Shandling deconstructing "edgy" comedy on the fly in one of the best interviews involving or about comics

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Watching free to air tv, oh god

I mean, I suppose that’s sort of a way to “encrypt”

We don’t need any more confusion around this term though - idguard.com.au

I mean it’s a kind of redaction? Probably an improvement on just chucking in trash🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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just found out that this image was on the cover of rolling stone in 1994

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I think one of the reasons that I love so much is because ultimately it’s about torture is related to “systems thinking” and it hits the funny sweet spot well between “teaching” and entertainment.

It’s “the purpose of a system is what it does” writ large.

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Squared myself and my room away to make sure I look the full quid, unsure if act actually makes me look more intense. We’ll see I suppose

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Barter arises naturally with friendly communication.
Patient a says he hates cornflakes and offers them to me. I don’t really need two bouts of corn flakes, but I take his offer anyway.
I offer extra cornflakes to patient c who I talk with more, thus, cookies appear.
*eats cookie

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So, I’m in hospital, been told by some to “stop talking about politics” when they mention inequity, later my mother and father visited and we talked, it covered topics

Discussion covered:
A2,D2,B1,B3,E4 AND E2

never stood a chance *not* talking about politics

Eating two serves of cornflakes today as mate in the wing insisted he didn’t want his.

Can also confirm the quest 2 works with the RAH login public wifi portal lol

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So I’m glad the internet connected rat trap made me give it a name, because I get notifications like this now

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“Feelin’ fine”
Having a break for a while
Talk alter, dm me if for later

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