I will use any opportunity to share double the fist 👊

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@jakejnelson@twitter.com Voter Town Halls… fist style

Hey @PMalinauskasMP@twitter.com, how come you didn’t mention this on Twitter? A lot of people here would love to hear how you plan to uhhh… stop automation?

Bright bad. Now with… Japanese period anime?
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2) @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com & @thepmo@twitter.com argue that THE VERY TERMS "engadine mcdonalds" & "engadine maccas" do not relate to official business and therefore wont search for them. scomo has made it official business. In addition, any assumed reasons for request are irrelevant per FOI guidelines.

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You see, @camtyeson@twitter.com already put in a freedom of information request in 2019, and at the time there was no result. Now the story is, "if they exist", i can't have them because they're "not documents of a minister"
PS Cam, can you post the original FOI? 😁

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I give them a prod again via email, because it's near deadline, FINALLY, A RESPONSE.

Oh wait it's almost identical to the first one.

Again, it asserts "the documents, *if they exist* are not documents of a minister"

This confirms that they do exist, I will explain why 1)

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The phone number matches the other office. It appears that both departments may just be staffed by one person. who knows, all the email sigs are anonymous. "Adviser, Senior Adviser, FOI Adviser".
I am not convinced that it's not just the same guy changing hats.

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more time passes. I get a reply from @thepmo@twitter.com. I'm advised that the @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com does FOI work for @thepmo@twitter.com. So... if you've been following, when i emailed @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com, they offered to refer the matter... to themselves? cool, not confusing at all.

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So I asked @OAICgov@twitter.com if it was subject to a review - they advised no, they only prodded about the deadline. how misleading by @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com! OAIC helpfully asked if i wanted a review, which I do! I really wish that the dept would just give me the documents in the first place :(

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I found the @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com office tried to confuse me by saying I'd already got the OAIC involved earlier and implied there was no further review. proves they only replied because they were prodded by an external agency.

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went to watch foundation but I'm in the middle of nowhere, and @Apple@twitter.com's CDN's are garbage and cant stream over my admittedly crap connection of about 2mbit, but their download option is only on my phone, looks broken when i leave it for half an hour.
*points dns to* yarr

Why must blockchain bullshit infect everything I love.
@wintergatan@twitter.com, mate. Take your own advice. Simplify requirements, you don’t need a dao.
Getting a COO isn’t a bad idea though.
The DAO is a dumb requirement.
Talk to @davidgerard@twitter.com. Hell, consult with him.

“Eh, PG will do”
Lol no

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The way neon genesis Evangelion was meant to be watched. On a tiny TFT screen on the front of a Sharp ML-3 VCR with tapes recorded off SBS Australia.

Humans automating machines to write like humans to fool other humans into believing they received a personal letter from a human so that presumably they give a company money.

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It's Friday, so I want to share one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on.

A few years ago, I built four eight-foot-long handwriting robots.

We wrote many thousands and thousands of addresses on our direct mail, and wrote personal messages for high value prospects.

Buying new shoes today because @etikofairtrade@twitter.com’s sneakers can’t put up with 6 months of punishment of someone… with a desk job? Note the tear and rubber separated at end of laces. Other shoe is I dunno, 3 yrs old. No wonder they don’t list Twitter on their emails.

So only after contacting @OAICgov@twitter.com and their 'early intake and resolution team' getting in contact with @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com did i actually recieve any response, they said 'sorry for not replying earlier' but when push came to shove they tried to make out like i didn't make a valid request

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