This is the most dad thing ever


One of the most rare records I may own from now until the end of time.

I’m not mad actually I’m laughing


Australian Prime Minister Says He Didn't Sh*t His Pants at McDonald's in 1997

hey - your app won't update correctly on fedora.
your fedora 34 repository is non-existent. it only goes up to 32. I could point it to 32 but that's probably not a good idea.

Aaand the workaround now fails, and further in another thread a yum update breaks everything. Guess red hat is out the window. Hello Ubuntu I suppose.

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“Please help one of the richest people on the planet” like yeah I can but fuck no don’t involve me in your job

I plan to never leave another review, I must have been in a charitable mood

Just remember, according to the govt, only criminals used encrypted chat- but if you’re a minister and delete your encrypted chats either by action or platform policies - literally no repercussions occur. 🤔


Payne's office said they couldn't find any messages. So I appealed to the OAIC.

After a long long time, the decision came back yesterday basically saying (again) soz, not our problem if the messages no longer exist. We don't enforce the Archives Act.

I love os x sometimes.
"quick setup" guide for windows? half a page including flashing custom drivers
and you're not even there yet
mac osx? bloody download the app, plug the dongle in, open, open the frequency. AirPlay support default.
Much ❤️

I mean, this is wrong - but if this is your argument- surely politicians must uninstall all those apps they use


Been thinking about this headline all of yesterday and also, all of today as well

Just retweeeting so the crowd know that Shawn woods videos are flat out being stolen to sell cheap knock offs of a small companies product - rinne traps -


🐁A bucket of rats can be filled in one night.
Get yours👉

The receiver developers aren’t taking any shit from valve, but I’m not quite sure what they want from the lawsuit?


According to this extract from the Valve monopoly lawsuit, publishers can't sell their products with lower prices on competitor stores, or Valve will remove or threaten to remove their products from Steam. This is the behavior of a monopolist in control over an entire industry:

I still love this picture

RT I have strong opinions on this

Fun fact, in my teens nobody was allowed to say the word cunt in our house - the only caveat - unless it was in reference to John Howard and I can confirm it made me feel better too

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