This guy is severely fucked in the head 

Fixed the Dyson vaccum cleaner wall mount, as it had come almost totally off. Last time I trust the packed in materials

there's something amazing about chinese websites and the clipart they include

crossing the streams but worth it 


In root I can’t seem to open the federated timeline from, but I can from Weird

Ah let’s see what’s on the App Store

Yep that’s about right

Think it’s under control but I was only willing to go check until *after* I packed

Oh great, I got home and called 000 made sure this was reported. Just around the corner. More fireys on way. Fireys said my house should be fine but I’m gathering documents and stuff in case - frazzled. and mr 2 is safe at friends

not bad, waiting for the wifi to come back up after a firmware update

Honk, even the afp use


The federal police has released its "technical instruction" on facial biometric analysis via FOI. Confirms it uses NEC NeoFace. (And Snippet Tool.)


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