DRM fucking over response to

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I had an email from someone who works in a virology testing lab, about why their lab is experiencing shortages of reagent. I found it really interesting and informative, so I thought I'd share it, in case you do to unherd.com/thepost/a-glimpse-i

I watched this without sound and the start of it gave me very "The Purge" warning message feels

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Couldn’t be any clearer: stay home.

I see @NintendoAUNZ@twitter.com understand the concept of a family. We did this on the same switch which is impressive

I see @NintendoAUNZ@twitter.com understand the concept of a family.

I'd love to see this output the rate of newstart and call it "work for the dole mutual obligation"

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Umm... this is fucking amazing

every day brings us close to immortan trump

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This is worse than anything from the impeachment trial

Mr 2 has discovered “just eating the breading on top of the salmon” :/ ift.tt/2tzamQk

Holy shit this is a hell of a thing

This deserves an “Ok boomer” like nothing else

This guy is severely fucked in the head 

Fixed the Dyson vaccum cleaner wall mount, as it had come almost totally off. Last time I trust the packed in materials

there's something amazing about chinese websites and the clipart they include

crossing the streams but worth it 

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