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Before you get your remember this.


And now a short presentation from the Bureau of Genuine Satire


That’s a hell of a picture. No in Sturt :/

involves immediately having a new art account i created locked immediately due to "it being hacked", passing a CAPTCHA, no sms - get a phonecall that's silent. but thanks for the generated image i suppose

Dun dun dun dun duh da


Premier announces action film “Mortel Kombat” will be the largest movie ever filmed and produced in SA. Expected to create 580 jobs and inject 70mil into the economy. Pre-production will begin this month


Had dinner with my parents and then came home to a power outage until approx 9- my phone won’t last. Was fun to play “waltzing Matilda” on the guitar that I recently learnt had a very uniony history. Nice.

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Ladies and gentlemen

somebody is going to fuck that mug.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who is slightly disturbed by the design of this travel mug lid...


Great! He can plug and unplug cables!

Oh no he can plug and unplug cables.

Here he comes to...

not good enough stock photo websites - i had faith in you

unlawful use of egg

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