“Deep in the annals of Canberra lie an elite team of Serco contractors.

Their mission? To find out if the poors suck and fuck under the same roof.

Welcome to FuckSquad.
*doink doink”

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get a load of this sick shit cenno ask you if you have housemates.

you fuck? have you ever fucked? fuck others?

"give details on how you and the other person access a bathroom" (real quote)

"give details" on how you share the laundry etc.


Hey @tonyhawk@twitter.com where can I preorder this

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Finally got my copy of the new Tony Hawk game. There goes my weekend

At the pub because COVID restrictions means I can’t go in emergency with @tarale@twitter.com. Our little tick cut his hand on glass.

whenever I see "psychometric analysis/profiling" involved on a job ad this is a big red flag for me imo.

latest fucked place i've seen it - SA ICAC.

i laughed and stopped breathing

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today in @RightToKnowAu@twitter.com - the @naagovau@twitter.com wont process a request until someone responds to their request.... asking for an extension of time? just do the bloody work Kamron righttoknow.org.au/request/imp

TFW you realise you'll never get a breakdown ever again of internet access method for australia (eg fibre, vdsl, wireless), because @acccgovau@twitter.com only record the nebulous "NBN" vs "Non-NBN". pour one out for the real og's at @ABSStats@twitter.com who did it correctly. abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/m

TIL that Duracell make OEM batteries
Does that mean using them on another device breaks licensing 🤔 🤔 🤔

doing a twitter survey for shits and giggles, i think this says a lot about twitter if this is their idea of a political spectrum

i need this as a counterstrike model

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A Priest giving social distance blessings with a squirt pistol and what, I'm assuming, is Holy water. 2020 folks.

the fediverse must see this also

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I have just found out there is a Korean chicken restaurant around here called “supreme leader” and I just wow

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