Should have lead with this


We are deeply saddened by the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing and express deep gratitude and thanks for her service to the Commonwealth.


pure 'jez'/'damo' energy

I am here for it


An 18-year old is accused of robbing a Gold Coast service station at knife-point.

The young man allegedly demanded money from a shop attendant while armed with a machete.

The teen has been released on bail and denied any involvement in the alleged robbery.


Every now and then I wonder "What's happening on Paul Keatings Fax Machine"?
Today is one of those days.

@Blockadeaustralia you either have comms issues or you're a fake.
thanks for joining on a day i could verify with the actual activists.

are you a cool guy
talking about gamestop
definitely not a cop

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nicked from FB - "Disney Misfits and Acquired Intellectual Property-core"

cleaning up old data on my laptop to try and make it more fit for purpose, came across a file i called "shill.mp4"
I smiled


“Please consent to continue”

RT If I dont want to share My Sensitive Information (not defined), I cannot sign-in.
I have to consent to share before I can create an account & then withdraw consent (with no contact info provided for the withdrawal.)
I am reluctant to share My Sensitive Information by default.


My "Anger is a Gift" shirt is back :)

RT double fuck them, I made it distressed but not slavishly following their font, it's a freely licenced version.


oh lawd still a chonky love

post more


The Defence Signals Directorate and developed this first Australian-designed secure telephone with revolutionary mathematics and ground-breaking engineering, the Speakeasy. It was superseded by secure mobile telephony in 2002.



Love me some purple. Blue defined mastodon in the context of the giants it’s trying to move. Now it’s set itself apart. I like it.


We are teaming up with the design agency to update our homepage and our brand. Goodbye social media blue, hello vibrant purple!


@poddi @shlee doesn't matter, crop fixes it perfectly. Also found out that wombat skeletons also have pretty damn big front teeth

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