Silver lining - no sky news?


Effective immediately, news can no longer be shared on Facebook in Australia 😶

attempting to navigate 'jobactive' part of mygov - there appears to be no way to say "I now have a full time permanent role now, please take me off your awful neverending mousewheel" - have a feeling I might just have to call
or just get "breached" with a $0 payment

Learning how to trace with affinity designer

Jan 26 is renowned for Australians getting annoyed that their ability to sink piss might dare be challenged, literally our first and only military coup - the rum rebellion

gets a before any of the backers 😝

RT comes to the conference

Would a reporter had really looked at the guys nuts? I’m sorry I don’t believe the wife. Am I a taser truther? The truth is out there.


❌ No, a man at the Capitol insurrection did not die of a heart attack after tasering himself in the testicles.

As per everything the previous owners of this house has done for the subdivision, it looks fucked. I think our retaining wall is bowing and might break. Where do I even start? We thought it was just a shit paving job. Just moved the cars to the street.

aww yeah, I can now stream independence day on vhs, internally upscaled to 720p to twitch if i want

i just don't wanna

I officially have my air conditioner “skyfi” somewhat integrated with my home assistant install. Hello “free” internal and external temperature monitoring! Don’t think I can get on/off and temperature control, but we shall see. Ping

I have found the most cursed media tech in existence. The VHS/blu ray combo

“Extending” the payment by cutting it again $100.
Frog boiling the unemployed


The Government is extending some of the changes made to our payments because of coronavirus. This is subject to legislation passing. Go to our website for more info:

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