“Extending” the payment by cutting it again $100.
Frog boiling the unemployed

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The Government is extending some of the changes made to our payments because of coronavirus. This is subject to legislation passing. Go to our website for more info: servicesaustralia.gov.au/indiv

well that would have been a good plan except the @HyperDashVR@twitter.com servers have crapped out, multiple launches, still fails. my net is fine. gave @Chesstar_Studio@twitter.com's Hibow a go. it's ok, still like hyper dash better.

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This is not actually a bad idea. I say this as a person who hates car races.

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💥'Let's Bring Formula E to Adelaide'💥- our full page ad in @TheTiser@twitter.com today. "Melbourne can keep the Formula One. Our research shows that South Australia is ready to look to the future and host the all-electric, ultramodern @FIAFormulaE@twitter.com," SA Director @noah_sbyard@twitter.com says

Congratulations Alexandra of the FOI department at @ServicesGovAU@twitter.com for 'exercising her discretion' waiving a pointless $30 fee for 'search and retrieval' on documents already identified. last time they fought me tooth an nail for less than $15. Maybe better things are possible? 🤷‍♂️

So rage against the machine took down my fan work of literally a whispered lyric. First Black Friday shopping bags, now this. The rage is dead. Congratulations to all those who bought it on masks and shirts, you now have a limited edition. If anyone wants a copy dm me.

I didn’t play Pokémon until my teens and PC emulators existed

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It is important to acknowledge classism in video gaming. This is why I'm just now playing any Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games. We don't talk about this in the gaming community. Not that I've witnessed. So I do. I talk about it.

Listening to classical music at a ridiculous volume as mr 3 is out

Official @AusBorderForce@twitter.com policy as depicted by “goat on a boat”

This is not a temporary sign. Dan Murphy’s serious about COVID

“Deep in the annals of Canberra lie an elite team of Serco contractors.

Their mission? To find out if the poors suck and fuck under the same roof.

Welcome to FuckSquad.
*doink doink”

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get a load of this sick shit cenno ask you if you have housemates.

you fuck? have you ever fucked? fuck others?

"give details on how you and the other person access a bathroom" (real quote)

"give details" on how you share the laundry etc.


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