Learnt that @Blockadeaustralia have had some pretty fucked up bail conditions thrown at them, such as not being able to use 'encrypted apps' - whatever the fuck that means

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@Posty @Blockadeaustralia Did they prove they're legit? Their website still doesn't list their fedi account.

@adz @Blockadeaustralia I think that's in progress. We've confirmed via admin account, and I have a confirmed email via the domain I think we're pretty good, but once the website gets updated the party starts.

@adz @Blockadeaustralia so the linktree is now updated with it, so that's confirmed. would be next i imagine

@Posty @Blockadeaustralia the thing is that those in power treat the surfs with contempt and as criminals while they are lining themselves cushy jobs ("trade representative in New York") and deals for mates (clay pigeon shooting range in whoop-whoop)

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