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@Blockadeaustralia How does your group fight eurocolonial australia? This comes off as typical environmentalist theater. Just naming whose land you're occupying while doing nothing to liberate it is only lip service.

@noyovo @Blockadeaustralia firstly, the cops hate them, always a good sign. secondly, they are putting themselves in harms way to for the planet.

given your bio mentions biden or trump first and doesn't say where you're from, i'm guessing america here and not australia.

have a look here for more info, they're not posers. there's no theatre here. it's the real deal.

@Posty @Blockadeaustralia This article doesn't really answer our question. We checked out the website too & understand the point of blockades quite well, but the question is what specifically is *anti-colonial* about this


@noyovo @Blockadeaustralia it's a fair question for them to answer, all i have is the same information you do. personally i wouldn't be trying to knock this movement as a first response, but you do you.

I have a question though, are you even from Australia?

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