So, it's been a day since we have a new mascot. we've received some feedback on it of mixed opinions - some love it, some not so much.

The words "cave beaver" was used once 😆. It's new so let's see how we feel about it for a week

I can't post an image in polls:

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This poll is divided more than I thought. Since this was commissioned @poddi has done a new, cuter version that looks much more like a wombat, head on over to see it - I still need to trace it!

@Posty I went for Try A Cute Wombat instead which sounded a bit terse. I really mean I’m curious as to what it is. I like that you’re doing this.

@Posty Oh wait, I read back. Giant Wombat? Yikes. Learning new stuff all the time.

@kate i'm more interested in what you thought it was before you knew it's a 'giant wombat' as thats how strangers will interpret it

@Posty @kate actually looking at it now - my first thought would’ve been ‘wombat’ but if the paper plane was half the size I would’ve thought diprotodon.

Of course, a diprotodon for the Aus mastodon instance is 😘👌

@Cacotopos @kate it absolutely was in no way intended, but having a bigger message size than :birdsite: works in our favor

you only get one vote and can't take backsies
I found out I can't even vote cause I posted it!
Maybe @aussocialadmin should repost considering it's a sitewide change.

like a change approval board.

oh god.

@Posty @Cacotopos @kate @aussocialadmin I voted other only because I think some cuter bigger eyes might change the same pic into something a little closer to what is imagined. But I'm not going to stand in the way of this one because @poddi did an amazing job and I'd rather let a couple skilled people make a decision than argue about details for months.

@screenbeard @Cacotopos @kate @aussocialadmin @poddi yeah I don't want to Bikeshed this too much but it's def worth having SOME feedback especially because it's art that people are gonna look at a fair bit

@Posty @aussocialadmin @poddi bike shedding is my second favourite activity when everyone involved is aware that's what it is.

@Posty @Cacotopos @aussocialadmin But now I’m having such fun learning about extinct megafauna so it’s all gravy for me. Today’s find is that the procoptodon was evidently in Charlie’s Angels, according to this lovely illustration.

@Posty @Cacotopos @kate I'm happy to make changing up the mascot on a regular basis if people send me designs a thing.

but I'll start to announce things ahead of time

@aussocialadmin @Posty @kate I have an absurdly talented 20yo Elder Child and they would probably love to draw the mascot in a few poses that fellow zoomers would love. Do we have a name? I’ve not followed the entire thread yet but I will definitely hit them up to do some interpretations for the bikeshed council 😂

@Cacotopos @aussocialadmin @kate not yet, but a friend said “Don” this morning and I love the simplicity

@aussocialadmin @Posty @futzle @Cacotopos Relieved to discover the inspiration. I thought: oh no, roadkill 😂But that’s having met so many regular wombats that way. And of course, Giant Wombats could only be taken out by Humungous Vehicles.

@Posty @aussocialadmin @kate it’s midday so they’re still in bed of course, but I have commenced parental harassment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Posty I love the weird looking gigantic marsupial. IMO if you’re looking for ‘cute’ you don’t appreciate what marsupials have to offer

@liamvhogan @Posty I’m completely converted to this argument. Given that the poll is now now finely poised than Gilmore, do a recount and you’ll find my vote mysteriously sliding over to the big fella, who is so obviously not a beaver what was I thinking.

@liamvhogan @Posty I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not

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