I’m not mad actually I’m laughing

RT @Gizmodo@twitter.com

Australian Prime Minister Says He Didn't Sh*t His Pants at McDonald's in 1997 dlvr.it/S3mSLd

I think @thepmo@twitter.com may have filled their own dacks

The public demands details
*bangs fist on porcelain*

Cheers @RightToKnowAu@twitter.com for this valuable reminder

Hey @thepmo@twitter.com what’s the go?

Don’t make me bring the @OAICgov@twitter.com in on this.


It's been more than 30 days, this makes it a deemed refusal and literally I am to take this as if the minister refused the request himself.

why don't you want to talk about engadine maccas @ScottMorrisonMP@twitter.com? I thought you found it funny old buddy ol pal
*slides into @OAICgov@twitter.com dms*

So only after contacting @OAICgov@twitter.com and their 'early intake and resolution team' getting in contact with @pmc_gov_au@twitter.com did i actually recieve any response, they said 'sorry for not replying earlier' but when push came to shove they tried to make out like i didn't make a valid request

So, I requested an internal review. this isn't a cia document. we're talking about shidding and farding here. they got it or they dont.
Also hi @thepmo@twitter.com! you have a request now too!
please don't ignore it like the other mean department did :( righttoknow.org.au/request/eng

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