for no reason in particular: about i say... 3-4 years ago i changed my posting style on facebook, I used to actually express an opinion about why i was sharing a link, tell a bit of the story in my own words. discuss what I believed was the key takeaway - More often than not

there was some sort of political bent, or technical depth to it or both. I'd be lucky to receive any engagement whatsoever. Now I just post pictures of my kid. whats left of that style, if you're lucky i might post a link with no explanation. links get nothing, kid - everything.

I mean, expressing an opinion of any sort on facebook/online can mean painting a cross on your back long term - there's no real good reason to do it. I decided the effort was not worth the trouble. heck i've read articles about people being fired for 'liking' things.

I think this is just a reminiscence/lament of what the internet used to be, and not what it is now. or maybe it's just me.
I think the clencher was when I was talking to some older in-laws at a family function and we discussed something topical and I said i posted about it


I received the response "Oh. yeah. I'm sorry I just don't understand half the things you talk about on there. post more pics of $son". well, you got it. with diagnosed autistic, and talk of 'special interests' - I feel like me talking to other people ends up just being

'too goddamn weird'.

anyway, goodnight.

to top it off I think twitter also told me to go fuck myself as well when i opened this dialog

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